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How To Improve Your Mental Health

Use these various tips to improve your mental health. Cooking Cooking at home can be a form of active meditation that may help you relax and find peace in the present moment. Preparing a meal on your own allows you to appreciate the process and be proud of the results. Practicing your favorite recipes can …

Chocolate Bomb

Indulgent Foods You Should Try

Let’s face it, sometimes you need some comfort food in your life! Whether it’s a rainy day, some bad news, or just because you feel like comfort food! Sometimes all you need is something both sweet, savory, and saucy. Food As A Form Of Self-Care Self-care can be difficult with having a busy schedule. Especially …

Career Counseling
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Turning Your Compassion Into A Career in Counseling

You have been through a lot when you’ve spent years parenting and raising your children. You have experienced low points and rough times – most likely in equal measures. Having someone there to talk to and confide in is important. Having someone there to help you progress and move forward is even more beneficial. You …

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How To Convert a Baby Nursery into a Toddler Room

Soon enough your baby will be too big for their crib and learning to walk. It’s often hard to accept how quickly your baby grows up. When it’s time to convert your baby’s nursery into a toddler’s bedroom, make sure you review these helpful tips. Encourage Independence and Creativity Toddlers are full of curiosity and …

Engage Your Children

3 Ways To Engage Your Children on Long Trips Without Screens

In the modern world, technology is an integral part of most, if not all, of society. The workplace, school, entertainment, stores, restaurants — practically every area of life involves a screen in some fashion. However, while devices are necessary and definitely beneficial, there is concern that too much screen time can have a negative impact on developing …

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What Causes Congenital Heart Defects in Babies?

It’s unfortunate that so little is known about congenital heart disease (CHD) and pregnancy.  It is the most common birth defect in American babies, affecting roughly 1% of all newborns.  After decades of research and studies, scientists and doctors have narrowed down the causes of CHD to several factors, some being genetic and some being …

Catering Business

How To Start a Catering Business

If you love to cook and want the opportunity to work for yourself, you may want to combine those two interests and start your own catering business. Finding your niche in the catering market can be challenging, but once you do, you can build a thriving company. Use these three steps to get started. Gather …

foster parent

How To Be a Great Foster Parent

There are thousands of children who need some extra help in the form of a foster home. It’s an unfortunate fact that there just aren’t enough registered foster parents to help them all, which is why, if you’re thinking of becoming a foster parent, it is an important and wonderful decision to make. However, in …

bread recipes
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Bread Can Be Made Using Only a Few Important Ingredients

Freshly baked bread is often popular, even when people use a simple recipe. There are plenty of flavored types of bread that guests will also like. Bread Flavorings Most flavored breads are also sweet, but this isn’t always the case. People can bake bread that has a more savory or salty flavor as well. They …

glass jar

The best containers for storing home-cooked meals

Investing in a good-quality food storage container will help you preserve the safety and freshness of the food. It will also give your fridge a better-organized look and make your life a lot easier. This can be especially beneficial if you run a busy life and can only cook a few times a week; you …