Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Snacking with Toddlers: Gerber Lil' Beanies

With having five children, snacks are always a must around our house! Trying to find things that all of our girls will eat can be a chore with so many different opinons, but recently we got to try out Gerber Lil' Beanies for Mya and I think we've found her 'go to' snack! 

Gerber Lil' Beanies is made from navy beans which are the perfect ingredient for its mild-flavor and since they provide protein, its a wholesome choice for a recipe. They're not made with genetically engineered ingredients, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. With their smaller size, they're perfect finger food snacks for tiny toddler hands, and provide Protein, Fiber, and Vitamin E.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Liz and Roo Baby Bedding Accessories

I received products/compensation in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!
In 2013, Caroline Eager and Carol Ann Anderson founded Liz and Roo Fine Baby Bedding with a vision for creating a modern, sophisticated made in USA baby line that emphasized safety, quality workmanship, and style. Liz and Roo pulled on Eager’s expertise as the founder of American Made Dorm, a retailer and manufacturer of made in USA dorm bedding. Liz and Roo’s wide assortment of modern crib bedding designs are made by sewing artisans in North Carolina.

When it come to Max's room, I knew before his gender that I wanted to have an anchor theme for the nursery. While anchors are pretty popular right now, I was on the hunt for something to go on the window in his room but I hadn't had any luck until I found Liz and Roo. I fell in love with so many items on their website, but then when I saw their nautical/anchor themed selections, I knew their accessories would match up to my needs perfectly. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

LuLaRoe: the Patrick Tee for Men {and Women}

Past review items. All opinions are 100% my own

LuLaRoe is a fashion brand that specializes in women's and girls skirts, dresses and leggings. They also offer different kinds of shirts, kimonos, and more. They have nice solid prints, funky fun patterns, and sweet simple patterns to choose from. You can also get men's shirts and they offer neutral kids clothes that boys and wear!

I love my LuLaRoe, that's obvious if you're a long time follower, but I also wanted a Patrick Tee for Chris! They just came out in March and are similar to an Irma because of the length in the back. I found that appealing for my husband because he is always buying over sized shirts so there's a lot of length because no matter how I wash his shirts, they always shrink in the wash. This is actually a super light blue/grey shade and I got a 2x which is actually a size down from what he normally wears. He loves the feel over all of the shirt mentioning that while he's outside he's very breathable and makes him cool over all. He gets hot quickly so that was a nice surprise for me and it's always funny seeing your husband play around outside with the wind and his shirt LOL. He'd prefer it be a tad wider in the stomach area, but I think a 3x would be too big on him, so he's happy over all with the look and feel of a Patrick Tee. I got mine from LuLaRoe Danielle VIP and I've reviewed/shopped with her since October. Her and her husband are an amazing team, and I hope to score more Patricks in the near future because I love them too! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chuck E. Cheese Specials for Father's Day!

In celebration of Father’s Day, Chuck E. Cheese’s is offering exclusive offers and fun activities for the whole family to enjoy together, including:

·         Father’s Day Deal: 1-Topping Large Pizza, 4 Soft Drinks, 30 Tokens and FREE Small Wings for $29.99. Expiration Date: 6/21/16.
·         Ticket Blaster: On Father’s Day, dads can enter their names for a special chance to go in the Ticket Blaster. Random drawings will occur every hour all day!
·         In-Store Tournament: Chuck E. Cheese’s wants families to celebrate the biggest kid in the family by having their own gaming tournament. Ask your store for a tournament scorecard to join in on the fun!
·         Father’s Day Sweepstakes: Dads can enter for a chance to win a trip to Great Wolf Lodge.
o    Use the hashtags #DadHacks and #Sweepstakes for a chance to win a family vacation to Great Wolf Lodge, along with other summertime fun prizes!
o    The “Dad Hacks” Sweepstakes will run from June 6-30th; Grand Prize, First Prize and Second Prize winners will be announced on July 1st
o    Grand Prize (valued at $3,000): getaway vacation for Dad, courtesy of Great Wolf Lodge
o    First Prize (ARV $750): (1) GoPro Hero Silver Edition and (1) Drone
o    Second Prize (ARV $200): (1) $200 Chuck E. Cheese’s Gift Card

Monday, June 13, 2016

Huggies Little Snugglers at Sam's Club

Life with newborns is never easy, but since Maximus is my fifth, I'm pretty used to it by now. Our life is always hectic with five children, but hectic in a calm way. Someone always needs something whether it's a drink, a boo-boo kissed, or something to eat, but amongst all of it, I can rely on my favorite brand to help my youngest when I need to tend to his siblings.

Of course with Maximus being our first son, his sisters are always wanting to hold him, love on him, and show him attention, but at times when its quiet I find him sleeping a lot and enjoying the peace in our crazy home. Huggies Little Snugglers offer him long term leak guard protection, comfort, and security against breakouts with his sensitive newborn skin. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Potty Training at their Speed with Huggies Pull Ups

Having a big family means you learn something each time you hit a milestone with a child. For me, that's been potty training and the do's and don'ts of what I should and shouldn't do. My biggest piece of advice would be not to push them until they're absolutely ready, and that's especially true with our daughter Macyn. She turned four in February and is still learning and discovering the ques in her body and how to potty train successfully. 

Once you realize your child is ready to start potty training, each step along the way is always a moment in time to learn and share in the special times that come with this amazing milestone. 

When you learn and #TrainTogether with your child, you're in the moment and aware of each step as it happens. I love going to the store and seeing Macyn's face light up when she gets to choose which Pull Ups character she wants to buy. I love having our Sam's Club membership because we can essentials in bulk, and Pull Ups are no different! Of course most of us want to get the most bang for our buck, and you can't beat the prices Sam's Club offers. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Welcome Little Man: Clothing for Kids from Hi Little One

I received products/compensation in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!

Hi Little One is a designer owned and operated, personalization shop for kids. Each one of our orders is carefully crafted by a graphic designer. We stand behind the promise of customization, creating something truly unique with every item.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

LuLaRoe: An Overview of my Maternity Style

Some items were sent for review. All opinions are 100% my own

LuLaRoe is a fashion brand that specializes in women's and girls skirts, dresses and leggings. They also offer different kinds of shirts, kimonos, and more. They have nice solid prints, funky fun patterns, and sweet simple patterns to choose from. You can also get men's shirts and they offer neutral kids clothes that boys and wear!

I first tried LuLaRoe when I was around 12 or so weeks pregnant with my fifth child. Before I got pregnant I was trying to loose some weight and so when I started showing so early, I was taken aback and didn't feel too good about my quick changes. LuLaRoe was a fun change to my outer appearance and it was super comfortable, but I never expected it to completely change my spirit, inner self, and give me confidence in my own skin! 

One nice thing about blog reviews is getting the chance to try something when you're unsure of how you'll like it, and with LuLaRoe it was just the start of a total obsession for me! Once I started building up my closet with more leggings and tops, I stuffed the jeans in the back of the closet and started embracing myself as my body changed and I grew my little boy. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Maximus Update: 1 Month Old

What a month this has been!! Not only has it seem to just fly by, but I feel like there was always something going on and not too much down time. My mom lives out of state so she came to my home the night I was released from the hospital and stayed for three weeks. It was so nice to have an extra pair of hands with the girls, especially since we have two that aren't old enough for school, and of course just being able to have someone else to talk to, vent with, and just relax when I needed to.

Max was 7lb 7oz at birth, 7lb 0oz when we left the hospital, 7lb 4oz at one week, 7lb 13oz at two weeks, and then 9lb 4oz at one month! I think a big part of his big gain is from formula, but I of course can't be sure. 

We unfortunately got thrush very early on and after battling through the pain over and over, taking small breaks to see what happens, and using medicine constantly, we had to stop breastfeeding. It truly broke my heart, but I'm going to attempt to get my supply back up since we now have Gentian Violet to help us rid this yucky stuff once and for all! 

Max's first month has been pretty easy going over all, however he tends to take a long nap in the mid afternoon and wake up every couple hours at night. It's been a little bit of a battle with getting him to sleep comfortably because he'd rather sleep in our bed, but I've figured out he just doesn't like sleeping in the same place for long periods of time. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Birth Story: Maximus

Maximus was born April 24, 2016 so that means I'm writing this on his one month birthday! This month has went by so fast, but I needed this time with him and our family to enjoy this special time in our lives. Things don't always go as planned and this past month {as well as his birth} can attest to that. 

April 14 was my 37 week check up where I had my first exam and was told I was 50% thinned out and 1cm dilated. Knowing that I could be pregnant for several more weeks, I didn't think much of the numbers and went about my way. 

I did seem to fill a bit of a shift in my body after my exam and I suddenly felt so much more pregnant. I didn't have much energy, I felt so heavy and worn out, and I had some Braxton Hix from time to time.