Friday, October 14, 2011

Comfybuns Customs-Cloth Wipes Giveaway

 I asked Jessica, the owner of Comfybuns Customs, to provide me with a little background about herself and this company and this is what she said...

"I've been sewing since I was 4 or 5, have always loved it and can thank my amazing mama for giving me the freedom to just do it. I started my business after one of my friends shared a story with me about a friend of hers paying HUGE money to get cloth wipes made in custom fabrics. She said "you could totally do that, you know"...and I knew that I had to give it a shot. Of course I don't charge HUGE money for them, and sometimes, don't make a ton of money at it, but hey, it's a creative outlet, I'm helping fill a need in a growing market, and I'm having fun doing it. I currently make several sizes of double-sided flannel wipes, as well as "un-paper towels" which can double as placemats, and I've just started making nursing pads as well as tried my hand at organic hemp fleece diaper inserts. I love the versatility of the cloths that I make, because they are not limited to just using with cloth diapers as baby wipes. They have so many other uses."

First picture I ever saw of her product!

I first found Comfybuns because of another blog giving away some of her wipes. I loved how professional they looked, and was intrigued at the thought of homemade cloth wipes since the ones we have are from certain companies I'm sure everyone has heard of. After not winning the giveaway, I couldn't stop thinking about wanting to try these wipes, so I contacted Jessica and she agreed to a review and giveaway of her products.

She made me very happy when it was discovered she had JUST ENOUGH cupcake fabric for my wipes!

I am so in love with these wipes!!! I will say in all honesty I did NOT use these wipes for about a week because they're so pretty I was afraid to disturb their beauty. I KNOW, that sounds extremely odd, but as you can tell by my blog and other giveaways, I am OBSESSED with all things CUPCAKE so the thought of possibly staining these or destroying them was hard for me to overcome!

Once I did start using them though, I was amazed! they're so soft, they hold water well, and my daughter actually LETS me wipe her face and hands! A big plus for me also is that they don't smell over time. Has anyone noticed with kids wash cloths or other things cloth that eventually, after being used and washed so many times they have a smell that won't go away? I may be the only one, but I love that these come very clean and look the exact same once they're pulled out of the dryer. All nice and pretty again, ready to take another beating! 
I think the "Perfect" wipe is great for the hands and face at meal times, as well as washing your face at night (if you do that). The "Petite Personal" is good for small messes but I'm anxious to use these two as wash cloths when our new little girl arrives. I think they will be perfect for a newborn sponge bath!! 

I WILL be buying more of these wipes, mostly the "Perfect" size, in the near future and a couple more "Petite" wipes to alternate during baths for our newborn in the future.

I very highly recommend buying from Jessica. She's great at customer service, quick at getting orders together, and makes a great product! 

She is based in Canada, so there is a very small price difference depending on where you live but I think her prices are amazing!!

 Prices will increase by 10% due to rise in cotton price

"P.I.X.I.E.S." (Paperless Invention, Xtreme Industrial Earth Savers) - 9x12 - $2.60 ( * $2.85 * ) each. These are our latest product and are fan-named!! They make ideal "un-paper" towels for big spills, household cleaning/polishing, even placemats
"Punky" - 7x10 - $2.25 ( * $2.50 * ) each. These were born out of a customer request for an "in-between" size, so I pared down the 9x12 and "voila", the "Punky" was made. Excellent "un-paper" towel, napkin, hand towel, etc
"Plenty" - 9x9 - $1.80 ( * $2.00 * ) each
"Perfect" - 8x8 - $1.50 ( * $1.65 * ) each
"Pocket" - 7x7 - $1.25 ( *$1.40 * ) each
"Precious Preemie" ( Baby Nate's Favourite ) - 5x5 - $0.95 ( * $1.05 * ) each
"Personal" - 7.5x4.5 - $1.25 ( * $1.40 * ) each ( these make ideal "family cloth", or eco-TP )
"Petite Personal" - 6x4.5 - $0.95 ( * $1.05 * )  each

Discounts are as follows :

For orders of 24 or more, 7.5% off
For orders of 50 or more, 10% off
For orders of 75 or more, 12% off
For orders of 100 or more, 15% off


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