Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pregnancy Cravings

With each pregnancy I have different things I feel like I NEED to have to feel whole again. That is where CRAVINGS come in!

With my first pregnancy, Madison, I worked next door to a McDonald's and almost everyday I worked, I would use my lunch break to get a double cheeseburger with extra pickles and extra ketchup BUT the ketchup had to be falling off of the sandwich to where I could see it THROUGH the wrapper, and then I would dip it in honey. AMAZING!

There's a certain kind of Lays potato chips that I could NOT eat because I would get sick every time, even though they tasted so good!

With my second pregnancy, McKenzie, my whole first trimester I craved Subway. Once a week when my husband and I would go grocery shopping, that would be our dinner! Foot long turkey and cheese with lettuce, pickle, banana pepper, jalapenos, spicy mustard and mayo, along with a bag of the jalapeno chips! I also craved a certain kind of candy that you can ONLY find around Christmas time and my whole family bought a ton of it once it came out!!! None of us know the real name and my family calls it by a nickname so I can't tell you what it really is lol.

With this pregnancy, I want EVERYTHING!!!!!

Let me give you a list...

Burger King,
Taco Bell,
Steak n Shake,
Dairy Queen,
Jack's Pizza,
Papa John's pineapple pizza,
No Bake Cookies,
tons of different candies...

You name it, I WANT IT!!

I gained 6 pounds in 4 weeks because of this. 
( I still say it's in part because my doctor went from an old scale to a digital)

I know that's not all the things I've wanted, but that's all I can think of at the moment since it's what I currently want lol. Some of these cravings are gone after I get the food, but most stay around, like McDonald's Big Macs. I could seriously eat a Big Mac everyday and still want more! It's the same with Subway, which can be a good thing since it's healthy and October means every foot long is only $5 but still, why can't I just be satisfied with the food in my kitchen?

I've never understood why women get cravings, how we think of the mixtures that we do, why they taste so good, and why they don't always go away after we eat what we crave!

My mom ate sour cream and onion chips dipped in cottage cheese while she was pregnant with me, and it is something she's continued to eat for the last 23 years. Guess who had a big craving for it on my birthday?! ME. Guess what?! I ate some with my husband that night, and noticed two days later, he had eaten the rest of it LOL.

I also have a friend that recently told me when her mom was pregnant with her, she could not eat pizza unless it had potato salad on top! The average person might say WHAT? GROSS! Me being pregnant, I want to try it LOL

I do want to also mention what our husbands can go through in the process of dealing with us women and pregnancy. With my first pregnancy, my husband gained sympathy weight, and STILL talks about it when we look back at pictures from that time in the hospital. Husbands are great because they're willing to get the food we crave, no matter the time or where it's at. One plus with my husband working nights is that I can tell him to grab something on the way home and when I get up in the morning its here, waiting on me to eat :)

What are some weird cravings you have heard about?
Anyone eat something while pregnant that they wouldn't dare eat now?
You never know, I just might have the urge to try it! ;)

Below are some pictures of things I've craved, and because of the wonderful world of FB, I have taken pictures of! I'm bummed that I don't have my Paps John's pictures anymore. Large pineapple pizza with 2x the pineapple and extra sauce, YUM!

Jack's Pizza


The tag says it all!

Spicy chicken with EXTRA ketchup & pickle

Are you hungry now?!


Brenda said...

New GFC follower here, I say its the doctors scale not what your craving :), and yes you have me thinking for lunch tomorrow I just might need McDonalds. Would love to have you check out my blog at when you get a chance. Have a fantastic week!

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Thanks for following me! I am following you back :)

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Michelle.
Have a great week-end.

Mama on a Green Mission said...

Yes, my pregnant self is hungry now!! LOL

I haven't had many cravings this time...I just love frozen coke mixed with cherry. That's about it. Last time I had to have ice cream EVERY DAY. LOL Funny how it's different with each one! :)

Cajunlicious said...

Following you back, love your site!

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sweetserendipity03 said...

I ate everything and anything while pregnant. Live it up you have a great reason to eat whatever Baby wants :)