Saturday, November 26, 2011

28 Weeks/Baby Name Announcement

28 Weeks!!
I'm officially seven months pregnant and in my third and final trimester.

Since my last update, my nausea has returned. It's random and doesn't care what time of day, it comes and goes. Went to my check up on Monday and I've lost about half a pound or so which means I'm hovering around 6-7 pounds gained this pregnancy. I would like for it to be a little more but that's where I should be based off my other pregnancies. It was also discovered on Monday that my reason for never being able to breathe is because she's breech. I could care less at this point how she's positioned because I still have three months left to go but I will still make sure he checks her placement each appointment from now on.

It's incredibly difficult to do normal things now. Walking up the stairs you'd think I just ran a mile, picking up McKenzie to get her in her crib, vacuuming, BENDING OVER lol. Even though I don't gain a lot of weight I still have all the things that interfere with pregnancy and one of those is also now waddling. Yep! I waddle. It's mainly at night after I eat dinner. I swear I double in size from the time I get up in the AM until I lay down in the PM.

Baby's Name!

I'm honestly STILL a little shocked at the idea I'm having another little girl. I've known since Sept 22 but sometimes I'm just like WOW! I really and truly thought we were having a boy!

Because of this, we never really thought too much about names, especially GIRL names. I knew if it was a boy, I wanted the name Mason. I asked my husband about Maci for a girl and he didn't seem too thrilled so we just left it alone until we knew the gender. Once we found out she was a girl, there we were bickering over a name because he didn't want to budge on his name choice. It was hard this time because we had girl names picked out so easily with Madison and McKenzie, so walking out of the ultrasound room with their genders, we already knew their name and it was set from that day on. This baby on the other hand, was definitely a challenge on choosing a name, but I caved and let Chris have his name choice because my name choice fits as well.

Digital image of a review for Lil Baby Bumblebee on ETSY

Let me explain her name a little bit.

Before we knew the gender, my husband said Mason BOY OR GIRL, and didn't want to really talk about any other option. MASON IS A BOY NAME! He kept fighting that he'd met girls named Mason and that it wasn't a big deal but I had and still have a fear that she'll question her name and think we're not happy she's a girl.

My arguement was this.. "If he's so serious about her LEGAL NAME being Mason, I get to choose the spelling, and can call her Macy if I so choose once she gets here" He was fine with it!

I've already heard that people will get confused by her spelling but really look at it for a minute and you will see that it's MACY (N) and I think it's perfect because its a very easy transition for her if she chooses to go by Macy at an older age.

Now, her middle name is something else too. I never knew that LEIGH is pronounced LEE. My husband also came up with her middle name of Leigh and I added Ann, not only after my mother and and maternal grand-mother, but a feminine tough as well.

There you have it, our baby girl's name is Macyn Leigh-Ann and she will be making her grand arrival in three short months :)


Diva Locks said...

I like that name and I love the spelling :)

Mary Anne said...

We did the same thing - decided our baby would be Tyler whether it was a girl or boy. I think it's good for girls to have boyish names - it will serve her well when she's a big-wig executive. We gave our girl a girly middle name so she's Tyler Elizabeth.

All Natural Katie said...

Macyn is a very unique combination of Macy and Mason and I LOVE it!

I came from the Super Stalker Sunday. I am following you on GFC.

Nicole {Miss Mommy} said...

hi there!. new follower from sss :). LOVE the name!. hubs and i had a really tough time with our girls names too!.
hope to see you around my place :) xx

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-dutch girls favorite things

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Hi, a´m from Sunday Stalkers,
nice Blog and sweet Name for your Baby.

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