Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crane Humidifier "NAME THAT TOON" Contest

Ever heard of Crane USA Humidifiers? If not, then you should get acquainted! I'll be giving one away in a few weeks and I'm here to tell you about their neat contest for a chance to name their Adorables Line characters, have your child be an animated star, and win that very same humidifier if you're chosen as the winner!

Contest Instructions
With 11 Adorables, there are eleven chances to win! So get together with your child and have some fun playing the name game. Post your name idea and on the following Monday 5 finalists will be chosen based on originality.
The 5 finalists have one week to win based on number of votes. If you are not one of the finalist don’t worry you have a chance to name next week’s adorable!!

Prize Details
Crane is giving parents a chance for their kids to be a cartoon character. That’s right! Winners will have an original animated likeness of themselves created to star in a cartoon with the Adorables they named, receive their own adorable humidifier with certificate, and humidifier name will be included in future packaging.

The contest started on October 24, with their cute frog humidifier. You can vote for the best name HERE, and a winner will be chosen tomorrow.

Today is also the last day to ENTER a name for their cow humidifier.

Madison's entry was "Princess Sparkly" LOL so I doubt we have a chance at that one ;)

Tomorrow will open a new Adorables character, so check out their facebook page, have fun with your kids, and you never know... you just might win!