Friday, November 4, 2011

Hank Player Review & Giveaway

Hank Player strives to create a quality, long lasting garment that brings together a combination of unique graphics and vintage color processing. Our graphics have the ability to make a positive statement about the boys wearing them. And once they put them on they’ll never want to take them off.

Hank Player is a wonderful line of 100% cotton tees, thermals, hoodies and sweats for boys. Vintage processed and washed for a super soft feel. They also offer options for men, and accessories as well.

I'm happy to announce that they now have tees for girls as well!!

I had their company in mind when we were trying to conceive this baby because of their amazing products, so I just randomly went to their site not too long ago (even though we're having a girl) and to my surprise they now have girl items! I was so happy to see this because it not only expands their company, but lets customers like myself, still try their items, without buying boy clothes.

I contacted Hank Player and they immediately said yes to a review and giveaway and I was sent TWO shirts, one for each of the girls. The shirt I wanted, Smiley Emoticon Tee in Fuchsia, was out of stock so I got the Smiley Emoticon Tee in Yellow.

Shipping was super fast and when I discovered they accidentally sent one shirt in the wrong size, I immediately got the correct size in the mail two days later. TWO DAYS!! That's amazing customer service!

My downfalls with the shirts are that the yellow is not what it appears to be online, as it truly has the washed and worn look to it like they say, so its not so bold in color like the online picture. It looks brighter in my picture than in person as well. It's also a little thin, which can be great for summer, but my fix right now will just be a light long sleeve shirt underneath and I still think it will look adorable!

I'm happy with these shirts, and my girls love them, which also makes me happy. Seeing a giant smiley face on their tummys just makes me giggle and I think that's what kids clothes should do. Make our kids look adorable, and parents giggle with delite at just how cute they look!
McKenzie in  2T, Madison in a 5T