Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kiki's Maternity Fashions Review & Giveaway

KiKi's Maternity Fashions was started in 2004 and  is an online retail store carrying trendy, cute and affordable maternity clothing.

I always have a hard time with maternity clothes because I don't like to spend a lot of money on stuff that's just going to sit in my closet afterwards.

KiKi's is a great place to shop because they have a huge variety of items that are always changing, along with a $10 and under section as well as a great clearance section. Their site is also very organized with a New Items, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Tanks, Dresses, and Bottoms sections, so you can easily navigate around and find what you're looking for. Their site also coordinates with colors so you'll find all the pinks, blues, greens, all together before switching to the next color of items.

I wrote them over the summer because I knew they were a company I wanted to work with during this pregnancy. I jumped the gun and chose a summer shirt, but our tricky weather this year has me wishing I would've waited to review one of their many adorable winter sweaters.

I chose a hot pink tank top with two black flowers on the shoulder, and I have mixed feelings about this shirt. I got a Large because I thought it would fit but it wasn't quite as long as I would like for my own personal taste. I also didn't know that it is HAND WASH only until I looked at the tags, so I only wore it when I really wanted to look nice. My big con about this shirt is that it is somewhat see through. Being a naturally bigger girl, this made me self conscious, and I've since noticed if you look carefully on their site you can tell if some other items are slightly see through as well, like this shirt pictured below and then my shirt below that picture.

You can see my star tattoo as well as the waist of the pants

In the company's defense, they do say that their sizes may run a little small so I strongly believe in taking that into consideration when shopping. The only thing the see through has made me realize, is to take my time and really look at the picture of the model from all three angles they provide, and try to get a good feel of how it will look on me, instead of just going off of what looks the cutest and hoping it fits.

Once HUGE plus for me with KiKi's is that if you look at the right shirts, they don't all have that pregnancy tie that goes around to your back, so after baby they look like regular shirts! I love this feature because I'm willing to pass on a shirt I like to just find another one without the tie that I'll be able to wear for much longer than 6 months.

My final thoughts are this, as long as you take your time looking on their site, really paying attention to the size chart for EACH ITEM, and find something you fall in love with, you'll be very happy with this company!