Friday, December 16, 2011

Belly Buttons & Bubbles Baby Boutique Review & Giveaway

A little about Jessica...

I am a 30yr old SAHM to a sassy 22 month old little girl.
Baby Brother will be arriving at the beginning of Feb.
Before my daughter was born I was an elementary school teacher.

I began cloth diapering my daughter when she was 2 months old and haven't looked back. I decided to start my own cloth diaper retail business in order to make cloth diapering accessible to other families in SW MO.

I had a hard time coming up with the name for the business, so I looked to my daughter for inspiration. She had just discovered her belly button and loved the Belly Button book. In addition, she loved chasing bubbles!
Thus, Belly Buttons and Bubbles Baby Boutique was born!

I am here to tell you about one of the many diapers that is offered at Belly Butttons and Bubbles Baby Boutique, the GROVIA AI2. GroVia sells different types of diapers, but I was interested in the AI2 for convience factor and having two diapers on one.

I was so thrilled when Jessica agreed to work with me, and she let me choose the Grovia AI2 shell system in snap closure with the beautiful print of Mod Flower.

We have another shell diaper with three inserts and even though we use it, its not my favorite diaper so I shocked, amazed, and a little taken aback by the inserts for these diapers.

I have never seen inserts like these before and I honestly LOVE them!! They remind me of a feminine product but I really like the features. The little gussets on the sides catch the runaway poo possibilities, as well as help insure that the shell stays dry. My only thing is that since this insert is two layers, it does take a little longer to dry. The shell is a hang dry only but I wash diapers at night so this is no issue because the next morning, you're ready to go with a dry shell.


GroVia will fit MOST babies from 8-35 lbs. The GroVia Shell features three sets of rise snaps that adjust to fit your baby. The unique one-size Organic Soaker Pad fits from 8-35 lbs as well.

1) Newborn/Small Infant Setting: Snap your GroVia Shell rise snaps on the lowest setting. Snap your soaker pad into the shell and simply flip the front of the soaker pad in towards baby. Fastened diaper on baby.
2) Infant Setting: Snap your GroVia Shell rise snaps on the middle setting. Snap your soaker pad into the shell. Tuck the front of your soaker pad down, while pulling the front panel up and fasten on baby.
3) Toddler Setting: Leave your GroVia Shell rise snaps unsnapped. Snap your soaker pad into the shell and fasten on baby

GroVia Soaker Pads must be washed and dried on hot 3-5 times prior to use. Keep in mind that they will NOT reach their maximum absorbency for up to 10 washes.

GroVia’s Organic Cotton Soaker Pads while very absorbent do not contain the SAP (super absorbent polymer) gels that make disposable diapers hold ridiculous amounts of liquid. This means you should plan on changing baby every two hours.

This is probably one of my favorite diapers in our very diverse stash of almost 40 diapers. This is also one of the stretchiest diapers I've ever used, which is another HUGE plus for me. McKenzie is 26 lbs but skinny and this diaper fits her amazingly and will continue to fit for quite a while since she still has tons of room to grow! I can see this diaper fitting an average 8 lbs baby, but in our case of small infants, our next baby will have to wait, probably until she's a month old or longer to fit in this diaper.

Please Note: Grovia sells Newborn AIO that fit an average baby of 5-12+ lbs.

I highly recommend that everyone have at least one Grovia diaper in your stash! I see us adding more because I love this AI2 system so much!

The Grovia AI2 diaper sells for $16.95 on the Belly Buttons and Bubbles Baby Boutique website which is an AMAZING price!!


Amy said...

Neat diaper. I am trying to get out of the diaper biz. We are so close. I am your newest follower. Congrats on hitting 400. I am going for 200. Very aggressive goal for me. Stop by for some frugal money saving tips and become a follower.

Amy @ Pounds4Pennies

Aubree said...

I love love the Grovia system and use it on my 6 mth old twins!!!

Beth R said...

I subscribe via bethany333(at)hotmail(dot)com
Thank you!!