Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Diaper Mama Review & Giveaway


The following if from the "About Me" section on Diaper Mama's Hyena Cart

I am a stay-at-home-mom to a wonderful little girl. I love the fit that cloth diapers give me on my daughter. I got a stash of pocket diapers from a family member and decided to use those as a template to make my own personalized diapers. After making some for my little girl, I figured I could try to sell them. I love being able to make useful products and stay at home with my little girl. I look forward to being able to cover your baby's bum.

I first contacted Michelle, from Diaper Mama, in mid October about a review and possible giveaway. She agreed to make me a ONE SIZE pocket diaper with a cupcake print and snaps PLUS an insert, so of course I couldn't wait to add another cupcake diaper to my stash!

After some set backs and her little girl being sick, I received the diaper in the mail, but it had a couple cosmetic issues. After prepping the diaper, I went to put it on my daughter and noticed a small hole formed by one of the legs where I'm assuming a stitch came undone based off the length of thread beside the hole.

Hole that formed before diaper was ever worn

These threads are still attached and you have to move them out of the way to get the insert in

Let's move on to how the diaper fits and if it works...

I do like this diaper. It fits well, hugs in all the right places has a soft interior, plenty of room to grow, and does look cute from behind with the little cupcakes!

Her pockets retail for $20 which is pretty much the going rate for diapers, HOWEVER, I don't feel that it should've taken two months and one lost diaper to finally arrive. I also know that because of her daughter being sick multiple times, this pushed things back, not to mention Thanksgiving, and then the general craziness that comes with December and Christmas.

I like Michelle, she's sweet and loves her customers, but getting overwhelmed can be a huge disaster and I think that with me being her first giveaway, that's exactly what happened. You have to find something that works for everyone and I know blogging can get a little extreme sometimes, so I'm sure being a full time wife and mother, plus making diapers in her spare time is not an easy task!

Since all of this is a learning process, Michelle informed me today that starting in January, she will limit the number of customs each month to ensure she can get to everyone in an appropriate time. 


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