Monday, December 19, 2011

Green Bees Diaper Co. Review & Giveaway

The following is from "About Us" Section of their website

Green Bees Diaper Company
We make cloth diapering easy!
For me the cloth diapering decision was and easy one, I never really considered the alternative. I have witnessed the wonderful effects and ease of cloth diapering my son, and I want to make it just as easy for everyone else. Cloth diapering has saved us so much money, and kept at least 1500 diapers out of landfills. The main goal of this project is to further the use of cloth diapering. For every 10 diapers sold, one diaper will be donated to Emergency Infant Services in Tulsa Oklahoma so that a family and need can benefit from the money saving abilities of cloth.

I found out about Green Bees Diaper Co. in a very interesting way... 
on the sidebar of my Facebook page!

I decided to check them out and when I looked on their website, I was amazed to find that they offer diapers as low as $6!! I knew I had to write them and ask for a blog review because... well
They quickly agreed and I was sent a Value Diaper, and also requested an extra insert just in case.

double stuffed

double stuffed and you'd never know!

I really like this diaper! 
This is supposed to be their "pink" even though my eyes tell me purple, but color isn't important. 
The first thing I did with this diaper after prepping it, is used it as a night time diaper. If you've read my other reviews then you'll know McKenzie can pretty much only use prefolds at night, otherwise we have leaks. I'm happy to say that after 13 hours this diaper did NOT leak with two inserts and she possibly could've worn it a little longer if I really pushed it.

We have had leaks in this diaper with one insert after lunch time, but that seems to be any diaper I've noticed, so I don't hold it against this diaper at all.

Green Bees Diaper Co. offers their Value Diaper for $6 
PUL print diapers for $8 and 
Minky diapers for $10. 
They also offer wet bags for $7 
baby legs for $4, 
and package deals starting as low as $45.

I think this is the first company I've found that works just as great as other companies, and yet they're $4 cheaper and I hope to add more to my stash one day! 
Another thing I liked is that they offer most of the same prints as other companies, 
so why not get a cute print and save some money!


Mrs. G said...

Awesome blog. I am currently using Sunbaby Diapers!! I am a new follower from the blog hop and would love a follow back. Merry Christmas and God bless!

Dree Getz said...

I would love to try these diapers.