Monday, December 5, 2011

Jack Be Natural Review & Giveaway

My first review and giveaway for our Fluffy December giveaway is a $15 gift certificate to Jack Be Natural.

Here is some background on Jack Be Natural, found on their website

A middle-class family of four with two great kids, aspiring entrepreneurs and obsessed with our children's health and well being. All parents care about their children's health and well being; however, in today's universe of children's and baby products there are numerous hazards out there that the majority of the public, including us at one point, are simply not aware of.

For example, childrens bottles made from plastics that release harmful chemicals, the potentially harmful raw materials that go into disposable diaper manufacturing and the list goes on and on.

Our family has always made a conscious effort to use natural and/or organic products but at the same time we have taken the time to learn the facts and make sure that we don't detach from reality on what is safe and what isn't. In many cases evidence currently available regarding the accuracy of claims made by various groups and organizations on why some of these products are harmful are not conclusive and have two sides to the story. Our stance? If the ease of use and economic impact is the same, minimal or better, then why take a chance?!?!

Hence, we started exploring better alternatives for everyday products we purchased for ourselves as well as our children. Admittedly these products were available at a slight premium to the average national brands but we both agreed that this premium was a very small price to pay to ensure the well being and health of our children, not to mention our piece of mind!

Combining our passion for natural products with our entrepreneurial spirit resulted in the creation of Jack Be Natural. Our mantra is simple. Educate other parents like ourselves on the advantages of natural baby products while providing them at fair and affordable prices. At the same time we fulfill our dream of starting our own business.

I wrote Jack Be Natural after finding their website and looking around at their huge variety of items. I like that there is something for everyone and you're not limited to a few brands of cloth diaper. They also have a variety of other products for mom, home, bath and body, baby gear, nursery, sleep, health, toys, and even clothing.

I really wanted to try a Bum Genius diaper, and especially one of the beautiful prints from The Artist Series.

I was excited when I received the red "Concrete Jungle" diaper and couldn't wait to prep it and put it on!!

I really love the fit of this diaper!! It's so trim and such a bright, bold color! I also like it because the snaps are simple. Most diapers McKenzie has to have hip snaps with but this diaper fits her great, she can move around easily, and she looks adorable in it!

My biggest flaw with this diaper is the tag on the side. I personally think that takes away from the cuteness factor, but again, personal opinion.

The cover to this diaper is instructed to be line dried only but I wash diapers at night, so it's no big deal for me because I hang it up and it's ready to go the next morning!

McKenzie is 26 pounds and still has plenty of room to grow, which is also nice because she has no interest in potty training yet so I'm glad to have diapers with a lot of growing room!

It also came with a small insert, which will be great when Macyn arrives in February and this diaper gets to test drive a little baby!

Jack Be Natural is a great company, they've been there with anything I've needed, and for more proof of the love for their company, check out their Facebook wall! They interact with their fans and answer any and all questions as quickly as possible, which is AMAZING!


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Those are adorable! I'm definitely entering to try and grab them!

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