Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sunbaby Review & Giveaway

I honestly don't remember how I came across the cloth diaper company Sunbaby, but I was intrigued right away! When I went to their website and discovered its a company that sells 24 diapers plus the 24 inserts for ONLY $108... I was blown away!!!!

I discovered Sunbaby shortly after finding out we were having another baby so I thought to myself "I HAVE to try these diapers!!"

Sunbaby Diapers are manufactured in Shanghai, China so I knew it would take a while to get the diaper in the mail, but that is another part of the review right?!

After three weeks of shipping, our RED HELLO KITTY "3.0" One Size diaper came!

This pattern is very cute in person, and the red is bright and bold which I love, so I was very excited to prep it and get it on McKenzie's tush!

Our first time wearing the diaper was at night, after being washed, and I was very disappointed. McKenzie was just reaching the point to where she SOMETIMES needed two inserts at night, but I could monitor it based off of how much she drank from dinner to bedtime. Unfortunately, I was sent one insert with this diaper and it was no where near enough for her sleeping habits of 12 hours a night. She was SOAKED! The WHOLE diaper, front to back, side to side, leg to leg, was drenched in urine, as was her bed and blanket.

I've come to the conclusion that this is an ok diaper, just not right for my 2 year old at night. It's nice and trim, and fits easily, but is a little hard to stuff sometimes because my hand is the same size as their pocket. She can wear it during the day with some occasional leaks, but again, its based off how much she drinks, because she can go an hour and be dry, or 20 minutes and soak a diaper.

If I had two inserts with this diaper, I wouldn't check her as much and would feel more comfortable about her wearing it, but I just check her frequently and am trying to teach her to tell me when she needs a diaper change.

I received a Sunbaby 3.0 diaper, but shortly after mine arrived, they came out with a 4.0 and new prints, totaling 19 prints and color choices!!


Megan C. said...

When I had my second son, I thought I would give sunbabies a try because of the price. I had no intentions of cloth diapering, but my sisters friend had just ordered these, and i took a look and they intrigued me.

I had the same problems as you, soaking and then one time it will be perfectly fine. I have the 4.0's tho. Everyone in the cloth diapering world told me to just strip them, and i kept doing that, and using less detergent, etc, but that didn't help. I have never tried any other types of cloth diapers so I don't have much to compare them to, but now I use them as back ups when we are at home and running low on diapers.

my sister uses flips and she loves those, and says the quality of those compared to sunbaby is tremendous.

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Thanks for the opportunity.

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