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Types of Cloth Diapers

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After you decide to cloth diaper, then comes the task of deciding WHICH diaper is right for you. There's so many that are different in their own way, so besides going with a company you like, you need to decide which system might work best and below is a list of different cloth diaper types.

First is to choose Snaps or Hook and Loop closures. Hook and loop is a velcro-like closure. Since the Velcro brand is not very soft, many diaper makers use aplix or touchtape brand hook and loop.

Next, you'll have to decide if you want the One Size diapers or fitted diapers.

One Size Diapers- One Size diapers typically fit from birth to potty training or an average weight of 8 to 35 pounds. Many of the "Pocket Diapers" come in One Size. The benefit of a One Size diaper is so it can be used longer and sized accordingly as your child grows.

AIO - All-In-One - AIOs are fitted diapers that have a waterproof outer layer. This layer usually consists of fabric that has a PUL (PolyUrethane Laminate) backing, polar fleece such as Windpro, or wool. These are the closest in similarity to disposable diapers since they are a one-piece diapering system. The absorbent soaker material is often sewn into the diaper

AI2 - All-In-Two - AI2s are very similar to AIOs with the exception that the absorbent soaker material is not attached to the diaper in any way. The soaker is usually a second, separate piece that must be used in conjunction with the diaper. The drying time for these diapers is shorter than the traditional AIO

Pocket Diapers - Pocket diapers are like AIOs orAI2s. They have an outer layer of a waterproof material and an inner layer of a stay dry material, like microfleece or suedecloth. They close with Velcro or snaps. They have a pocket opening that allows for the absorbent material to be stuffed in the pocket during use and then removed for laundering. The absorbent material for stuffing can be an insert that comes with the diaper or a pre-fold or doubler.

Diaper Covers - Covers come in many styles and shapes, but their function is to provide a waterproof outer layer for non-waterproof diapers (all except AIOs). They are often fitted with elastic and fasten with snaps or Velcro. Some covers pull-up, like underpants. Diaper covers are usually made from polyester, Polyurethane laminates (PUL), waterproof nylon, fleece or wool

Fitted Diapers - Fitted diapers closely resemble disposable diapers. They are contoured and fitted with elastic around the legs and back. They fasten with Velcro or snaps, and a waterproof cover must be worn over them.

Flat Cloth Diapers- the most basic of cloth diapering options. They are large squares of a single layered fabric, normally 27x27 inches, that must be folded to fit your child. You can fasten the diaper on to the diaper with a pin or fold and stuff in to a cover.

Prefold Cloth Diapers- one step up from flat diapers because they are flat sheets of fabric that have other layers of fabric sewn in the middle where the child requires the most absorbency. They also have to be fastened with a pin or stuffed in a cover.

Hybrid Diapers- These aren't quite a cloth diaper, but not a disposable either. This is the diaper where cloth and disposable MEET! They are typically made from a cloth outer shell that is washable, but the inside is flushable or disposable. Most hybrid diapers can give you the option for cloth inserts, but with the disposable factor, it makes these diapers great for travel!

We have multiples types of the diapers listed above and each one has their own benifit. I suggest trying multiple types and brands before settling on what SOUNDS like the best option. I know I thought pockets were the only way to go until I tried prefolds. Never count out the options because of how something sounds, try it first... you just might like it!

I am reviewing the KelyWels book and asked permission before using these images. I chose the copywritten images for a reason and if you're wanting to know more about cloth diapering please visit and get a copy of this book! It's great, and has taught me things I didn't know.


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