Monday, September 26, 2011

Meet My Baby Cupcakes

Even though parenting can be hard, I don't know what I would do without my children. Watching them grow, learn, discover new things.... it's amazing! 


Madison was the first princess in our lives. Only being 18, I was quite nervous to become a mother but knew that it was meant to be even if my husband (then boyfriend) and I weren't expecting it. She was born October 18, 2007 and I don't think she could've been anymore perfect! I had minimal sickness with her and I had a full time job so I felt great! After she arrived, it made sense for me to become a stay at home mother, raise her, and enjoy every moment we spent together! She's now ALMOST 4 years old, in preschool, and lives up to her nickname of "PRINCESS" She always wants to wear mommy's makeup, have her nails painted, and her hair done.


Shortly before my husband and I got married, we decided I would go off of birth control and let nature take its course! We were dating three years before I became pregnant with Madison so had no idea McKenzie would show up immediately! 6 weeks after our wedding day AND my 20th birthday, we found out we were indeed expecting baby #2. It was quite a shock it happened so fast, but it meant our girls would be 19 months apart, and hopefully best friends. My pregnancy was much different with McKenzie. I was sick my whole first trimester! Being sick all the time and taking care of a 1 yr old had its challenges but thankfully it did only last a short time! McKenzie was born May 29, 2009 and again, a perfect little bundle of joy. She's had her ups and downs in life, needing extra hearing tests, and different types of therapy since she was 4 months old but she is a bright and curious little 2 yr old and is a complete TOM BOY! She loves playing in dirt, getting in daddy's tools, and exploring every little thing she possibly can.

Baby #3:

This is a more challenging story. I begged my husband to let me go off birth control because my baby fever was so bad I would cry just talking about it. I love my girls but that feeling you get in your gut when you feel like your mothering isn't complete can be unbearable! After some convincing, we agreed to stop at the end of my cycle in April 2010. After many months of my body playing tricks on me, negative pregnancy tests, and lost hope, my doctor put me on Clomid and away we went. Skip ahead again to June 13, 2011 and our world changed forever! We were FINALLY pregnant again! We had only been living in our newly built home for about 6 weeks when I found out so I KNOW this baby was meant for us! I was on bedrest the first 5 weeks of my pregnancy for unexplained pains I had one time, and my doctor was talking miscarriage. MISCARRIAGE?! I had two very healthy pregnancies, how could that word even be a possibility right now?! I had wanted and hoped for this baby for so long and now we were talking of it all being ripped away from me. I had unexplained blood in my uterus my whole first trimester and breathed a little relief when I hit 13 weeks. HAPPILY we got through it all and even though this pregnancy has been physically and emotionally hard on me, I'm happy to announce that we are indeed having another little girl due Feb 18, 2012 and even though I thought for sure this was a boy, I was wrong lol. Goes to show you can't always trust home tests and your "gut feeling"

So there you have it. 
Our little princesses and a little more about them.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome To Mama's Baby Cupcakes

Hello, I'm Michelle. I'm a 22 yr old stay at home wife and mother. I have two little girls named Madison and McKenzie. I'm currently pregnant with our third and last child, hopefully a boy, due February 18, 2012.

I co-owned the blog What These Mommies Think and after working with a friend and fellow blogger, I've decided to try this all on my own! I hope you all like what I have to offer as I blog my life experiences, marriage, children, and GIVEAWAYS!

Be on the look out for my official opening on October 1, 2011