Saturday, January 21, 2012

36 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I haven't updated since 28 weeks so bare with me, this MIGHT be a little long

I started having Braxton Hix contractions at 29 weeks. I had huge anxiety about it because of everything else with this pregnancy but I've realized that this is my third child, I'm going to feel things much sooner, and my body is going to react differently to each pregnancy. I can get them to go away if I chug a bunch of water so I'm trying to drink more water to make them not come around at all!

I am also gaining weight now. I went 15 weeks without gaining weight and then FINALLY I weighed in at my 33 week appt and had gained THREE LBS IN THREE WEEKS! Now I was so excited and then it hit me, that's kind of a lot!! Baby had a huge growth spurt so you can tell she's filling out quite nicely. My last appt was at 35 weeks and I gained 1lb so we're moving along nicely now.

My husband and I think this is my biggest belly out of the three pregnancies. With Madison, I gained 24 lbs and had a healthy baby at 7.5lbs. McKenzie's pregnancy was a lot different at only gaining 12 lbs and her weighing 6.8lbs. It's weird how big I feel my belly is this time around because I don't get big by nature. I'm lucky that I'm not one of those women that gain 50+ lbs because I don't know how my body could handle that and more power to the women that can gain all that weight but have the baby and immediately shrink back down! Our body's as women are amazing!

I had reservations at looking for cribs but we finally went to Babies R Us. With tax returns coming next month, that is when we'll buy her crib, so I was afraid to fall in love with something, go back in a month to buy it, and it be gone, but luckily the crib we happened to love the most is new and the lady said it should be around for a while.

Sometimes I wonder if I should've picked the crib and then picked the bedding because I have reservations about it now. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. I bought it back in September because the whole package deal was only like $80 and crib bedding is BEYOND INSANE when it comes to price. Maybe once it's all put together I'll like it better? In Babies R Us, Chris and Madison both loved the lavender heart bedding that was in the display crib so I could at least see the crib with the heart theme, but I'm not sure about the color scheme anymore =/ Our girls rooms have an accent wall painted that their beds sit on and I still am not sure about Macyn's room. Originally I thought yellow because we already have a pink room and a purple room, but yellow just isn't sitting with me very well now that we have such a "fancy" looking crib. I'm thinking maybe a pale pink from the bedding? Her room is princess theme so the bed fits in even better since the bed is named "Delta Princess"

Since we're in our own home, this is the first baby we get to pre-purchase and decorate for, so I'm anxious to get it done, but nervous at the same time. I don't know why I'm so nervous, it's not like Macyn will have an opinion LOL!

At 35.1 weeks, I did have a couple hours of Braxton Hix contractions that at one point were five minutes apart, so I hope I make it to at least 38 weeks because people are joking she's coming early. 

My husband is also out of town for a week about ten hours away so I really hope with as much water as I've been drinking she stays put!

I won't keep you any longer, but within the next 4 weeks, we'll get to meet our latest bundle of joy!! I'm scared to be a mother to three kids, and nervous at how Madison and McKenzie will react since they're 4 and 2, but stressing over the unknown is pointless. I hope its an easy transition for us all though!


Beth R said...

Wow not to much longer to go!! I love the label on your belly too. So cute!!
I was nervous going from 1 to 2. I can't imagine having 3. But I heard that is an easier transition than 1 to 2 so hopefully it won't be to bad

Michelle said...

I thought going from 1 to 2 was pretty easy going so hopefully 2 to 3 is even easier!

the belly sticker is from picky sticky which will be a part of the event next month :)

tons of them on etsy as well!

Thanks for commenting!

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