Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cloth Diaper Outlet Review for Knickernappies Hanging Pail & Giveaway 1/18

Serving Moms and Dads since October 2005, Cloth Diaper Outlet is your one-stop shop for cloth diapering and natural mothering products! They supply cloth diapers, accessories, mothering products, and more. Most orders ship within 24 hours and shipping is free for orders over $35 to US addresses.

I'm here to talk to you about a Doorknob Hanging Diaper Pail from Knickernappies.  

The Doorknob Diaper Pail attaches securely with snaps but still allows the doorknob to function normally.  The pail gaps open just enough to drop in a diaper and is easily washed along with diapers in the washing machine.  Also features a sewn-in fabric swatch to use with a drop or two of essential oils to help control odors. Doorknob Diaper Pails are made with waterproof PUL. A nice alternative is they also can fit well in a 13 gallon trash bag!

I enjoy having this pail, but it's been something to get used to for sure! Since March 2011 when we started cloth diapering, I've always used grocery sacks. I knew with soon to be TWO children in cloth, I needed a better and easier alternative than filling up multiple grocery sacks.

My only mistake.... I went 5 days in between loads. With a stash of 39 or 40 diapers, sometimes I forget that its still a good idea to wash diapers every 3 days. I got this pail right before Christmas, so I was just chucking diapers in there, letting it fill up, and forgot how much was actually in there. McKenzie a very frequent pooer so I highly suggest using oils on the tab inside and not going for a very long time without washing diapers. I'm still figuring out which way works best for us but I do love having it around because it's a pretty pink bag hanging on a closet door instead of a see through grocery sack! It washes easily with each load of diapers and then it's ready to go for next time!

I'm very glad that Cloth Diaper Outlet let me review this item because it's taught me that spending money on accessories is truly better than improvising. I would find myself trying to hide the sack of dirty diapers when company would come over and that's just silly! There are many brands that sell big wet bags but I feel like this hanging pail is ideal for everyone. You can walk right by it and not smell anything, and people have no idea that they're walking by a bag of diapers. I appreciate the elastic at the top instead of many other bags I've seen with the zipper, because when you're in a hurry, the last thing I want to do it stand there, unzip a bag, put the diaper in, and zip it back up. I like tossing it in and going about my business. I love the raspberry color too and since this will be a house full of girls except my husband and two male cats, I thought raspberry was the best color!

I HIGHLY suggest this hanging pail and I think everyone should have one! 
They retail for $19.99 at Cloth Diaper Outlet and are worth it!


Tracy said...

I wish I would of had one of them when my kids were small but I am having a baby shower for my niece and I think That would be great only prob which color?

Michelle said...

If you know the gender then first go based off that. we got the raspberry because I have all girls but their turquoise is my next favorite and then the spring green after that :)