Monday, January 16, 2012

Eco Sprout Detergent Review & Giveaway 1/26

The following is from the "About Us" Section

Eco Sprout was started by a WAHD, that's right... a Work-at-home-dad who was looking for a cloth diaper detergent that was great for not just cloth diapers, but for the entire family's laundry.

Frustrated by trying various detergents over and over, nothing ever seemed to kick the ammonia smell, both on the diapers and in the pail! All the usual remedies were tried, baking soda, vinegar, special products made just for the ammonia, pail name it! It just got to be overwhelming. There had to be a way to just use one product and simplify the washing process.

Once that thought entered his head...the research began. It wasn't easy, he wanted something that was environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and 100% natural. But it had to work! It had to CLEAN the diapers too. After months of trial and research he finally did it! Came up with the perfect balance that resulted in clean diapers, derived from natural ingredients, 100% bio-degradable, and kicked the ammonia smell!

Samples were sent out, family and friends began to use the product and the word got out. Soon thereafter, Eco Sprout was born!

I was having the exact same issue that the dad from Eco Sprout was having, horrible ammonia smells no matter what I did or tried! It just seemed to be getting worse until I finally gave up a certain detergent and went to Tide powder. I have been using Tide for several months now and it worked but in the back of my head, I didn't real right using it because I wanted something specially made for cloth diapers.

I had heard of Eco Sprout multiple times, and even entered some giveaways for the heck of it because I was skeptical of trying numerous detergents trying to find what worked best for us. Finally, I emailed Eco Sprout and they happily agreed to a review and sent me their amazing scent of Warm Vanilla Sugar.

I was so excited once it got here and couldn't wait to do the recommended prep and soak to see what Eco Sprout was all about. I did not know that it's ideal to soak your diapers when changing detergents! Click HERE to find their full wash instructions as well as how they recommend to soak.

I did two loads, back to back nights, and followed the directions to the T, and hoped for the best! The scent of the Vanilla was amazing and for the first week or so that's all you could smell in our laundry room when you walked in! This is also the first time I got to see my whole stash laid out and stuffed and it was quite beautiful!

I could tell a difference as soon as I pulled the first load out of the dryer. With my original detergent I would hold my breath during this time because the whole dryer would smell like ammonia even though I know they were clean so I was happy to see that after only one soak there was a difference in how they felt and smelled. You know you truly love cloth when you put a stack up to your nose and take a big whiff!

We have had no issues with irritation on McKenzie's sensitive skin, and I feel that this is truly our detergent for diapers from now on! They have the faintest smell of ammonia sometimes but I see that more in her night time only diapers but I've also learned that stripping once a month or two is also a great way to keep your diapers up to par and be the best they can be.

Another fabulous thing about Eco Sprout... THEIR PRICES!

Eco Sprout offers 8 different scents, with one being seasonal, and another being unscented.
There's also multiple sizes to choose from which are as follows:
2 oz @ $1.75,
24 oz @ $7.98,
48 oz @ $13.98,
96 oz  @ $24.98.

They even offer sample packs if you want all the scents which is $13.76

I very much look forward to trying their different scents and will probably buy the sample pack set when I go to purchase some more soon!

Be sure to also check out the other ladies participating in this Newborn Diaper Event. Their blogs are linked in the form below and have great things to offer!


goldnchika84 said...

Thanks for doing this giveaway! I won a sample of eco sprout soap and am doing the initial soak tonight...hope I like it!

Corley Tickle said...

We love the eco sprout detergent for al of our LO's clothing and diapers. It has been great for his sensitive skin and helped with his seasonal allergies. Great product!