Friday, January 20, 2012

GoGreen Diapers Adapt A Snap & Wet/Dry Bag Review & Giveaway 1/29

Launched in late 2010, GoGreen Diapers is a young and energetic company seeking to transform the world of cloth diapering through innovative, scientifically developed product designs. Founders of the company, Leah Leverich Ph.D and her husband Don Cooper Ph.D are proud -make that frazzled- parents to 3 young boys. Their oldest boys, Channing and Jaxson, were born while Leah was completing her graduate work towards a doctorate degree in Neuroscience at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, where Don was Assistant Professor. After Leah completed her doctorate, the family relocated to beautiful Boulder, Colorado to continue their careers at the University of Colorado. Shortly after moving to Boulder, Don and Leah welcomed their third son, Caleb. With three young children in diapers, living in one of the “greenest” communities on earth, it became clear that disposable diapers were no longer going to cut it – financially, nor in terms of environmental impact. Don and Leah eagerly embarked on their cloth-diapering journey and quickly became fluff-addicted parents themselves. But like so many other cloth-diapering families, they had a difficult time stomaching the hefty start-up cost of commercially available cloth diapers. They also incorporated a number of novel design improvements into their affordable designs. Using experience from their years in science, Don and Leah addressed these problems head-on in the Champ™ cloth diaper with Dual Gussets™ Technology and their exclusive Adapt-a-Snap™ diaper closure conversion system. GoGreen Diapers was born!

The first-ever diaper closure conversion system!
Converts the snap closure on Champ™ diapers to a hook/loop closure

My husband's ideal cloth diaper would be a fitted AIO with velcro. He likes the thought of saving money by using cloth, but hates all the snaps so he loves how convenient disposables truly were even though switching to cloth was a good decision for us. 

Since we'll soon have another baby in the household, and our first to be in cloth diapers as a newborn, I noticed myself thinking more and more about velcro diapers, and how much we actually need some in our stash so my husband will help once we have TWO in cloth.

One day it dawned on me... email Leah about the Adapt-A-Snap!!

Most diapers retail for around $15, so the thought of buying a whole stash just of velcro diapers was really too much to think about. The Adapt-A-Snap on the other hand retails for around $17 for a 3 pack. That's saving a ton of money if you really think about it! It's like buying three new diapers for the price of one, and you can't beat a deal like this!

I was beyond excited when Leah agreed to work with me again and try out this some what new feature they came up with.

easily snaps on diaper

One unique thing about the Champ diapers from GoGreen is that many have multi colored snaps, which can make it easy to say "Honey, fasten on the blue snaps!" But they've now made the Champ more unique with the Adapt-A-Snap. We will soon have a order arriving for some new Champ diapers courtesy of my father as a baby present, so I will be ordering a couple packs of Adapt-A-Snaps to have to make diaper changing easier for everyone.

While I love the idea of the Adapt-A-Snap, I don't find it "ideal" to have just one like I do so I think it's good that they're only sold in a 3 pack set. You can pre-stuff your diaper, snap on the Adapt-A-Snap, and everything is ready to go for whoever changes that next diaper. I know that this will be a huge life saver for after the baby is born because I'll be switching McKenzie to mainly Champ diapers only so it's going to help me out having the velcro on hand.

Many times I've thought that GoGreen Diapers should offer velcro so people have more variety, so I strongly suggest trying out the Champs if you haven't already, and grabbing a 3 pack of snaps to go along with them if you prefer velcro.

  • Two zippered, moisture-proof PUL compartments - one for clean, dry diapers and one for wet, used diapers
  • Handle for hanging or carrying
  • Hidden zippers
  • Holds 8 diapers + inserts
  • 12"x14"

When I first started entering giveaways, I won a wet/dry bag from GoGreen diapers and I was thrilled. We had such a small stash at first, that I would use this to house most of my diapers until I was ready to wash. Now a days, our poor wet bag sits in a drawer unless we go somewhere that will require a diaper change. I know that once the baby arrives, our wet/dry bag will start getting plenty more use since babies need changed more than toddlers.

I love this bag! It has the convenient elastic strap so you can put it on things such as the stroller while at the mall, or easily on your wrist while heading to the public bathroom at a restaurant.

Having the second, smaller pocket in front is a great place to store wipes, or other little accessories that you might need while out, but still having full use of the big pocket to hold the dirty diapers.

These wet/dry bags from GoGreen diapers are a great investment at $8.99!


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