Thursday, January 19, 2012

Introducing the Thirsties AIO diaper!

I am so happy to announce that Thirsties just released their Duo All In One cloth diaper!!

I am VERY happy to say that I received a review AIO in the mail and can't wait to start using it!

Just like their other diapers, the Duo All In One diaper comes in sizes 1 and 2, your choice of velcro or snaps, and is also available in the colors and prints we already know and love.

 My favorite feature about this diaper is that while its an AIO, when you look inside, it's basically an insert sewn on the diaper. This is an AMAZING feature in my eyes because it means that water and stuff can get inbetween the insert and the diaper which will allow for a quicker dry time. It's so trim just to look at and I am going to convince my husband that the new baby will need some of these diapers!

I never really thought of it until I saw someone say it, but velcro is great for about the first 9 months. You have a newborn baby and those 3am changes would be so much nicer with velcro, while switching to to snaps later on when they figure out velcro is so easy to take off! This is where their two sizes come in handy. 

These diapers retail for $15.95/solids and $16.95/prints. I think this is a great price but would love it even more if they offered a true One Size diaper. 

I have already thought of buying a stash in size 1 and then selling to purchase a size 2 stash when the time comes.

Since we have such a variety of diapers in our stash, I want to sell a bunch of pockets I have and only be left with a few different brands that I really love and Thirsties is definitely one of those brands!

Get on Thirsties website, take a look around, and then find a retailer that sells Thirsties products! 
I don't think you'll be disappointed!


Julie G. said...

This diaper looks a lot like the Thirsties Fitted (the way it is designed) but just with the waterproof lining. Have you used the fitted and is this true? I think this looks like a great AIO option... I am a fan of AIO's as they are a great time saver (no stuffing or unstuffing!) I hope I can get my hands on one and try it out soon :)

Michelle said...

I have heard they're very similar but do not know from personal experience.

Julie G. said...

Ok Thanks :)