Sunday, January 1, 2012

Newborn Cloth Diaper Celebration Event

Welcome to the Newborn Cloth Diaper Event!
I am proud to announce the other great blogs that are joining me for this event!

Obsessions of the Trophy Wife

Mommy's Favorite Things

Just Add Cloth

FTM (Adventures of a First Time Mom)

This event takes place the whole month of January, focusing on newborns and cloth. The blogs will be talking about newborn diapers as well as other brands of such as pocket diapers, AIO etc, and different accessories you'll need to cloth from the beginning, as well as advice or things they've learned.

Since I'll still be pregnant,
my blog will focus mainly on the accessories side of cloth diapering.

Each blog will have at least ONE giveaway per WEEK plus ONE or more posts about other things involving cloth diapers and newborns.

The following companies are sponsoring here at Mama's Baby Cupcakes

I  added in since everyone looks for a "Going Home" Outfit

I hope you all enjoy this event, learn as much as you can, have fun, and win some fluff and accessories!


Julie G. said...

My favorite is GoGreen Diapers! I finally got one of their diapers and am really loving it :)

boyzrule said...

i am curious to see what cloth diaper outlet is contributing.

debnmike moretti