Sunday, February 12, 2012

And Baby Makes Cupcake #3 Blog Event Announcement!

I'm so excited this event is here! I want you all to celebrate the birth of our third little girl with me and what better way than to discuss and share what items I used during/after pregnancy and give those same items away to my readers!?

  • This event will have two parts "Before Baby" and "After Baby" running from Feb 13-March 30. 
  • Each giveaway will last for 5 full days and then the winner will be emailed and have the normal 24 hours to reply. 
  • I will not be posting blog posts for each individual winner, but instead announce them groups at a time, however all Rafflecopter forms will have the winner announced at the top of each giveaway once it ends



So there you have it! Hopefully I'm not missing anything!
Feel free to comment with questions, or maybe which item you're most looking forward to!
I hope you all enjoy this event as much as I will/do!


Julie G. said...

What a great event you have put together... I would love to try the monthly onesie stickers for baby #2... I wish I had known about them for baby #1