Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby Macyn's Labor & Delivery

Some of you may know (via FB) that I had intentions to blog while in labor. I was induced with our first two in the 39th week and figured this baby would be no different.

I went in for my weekly check up on Monday February 6 and was told I was 3cm dialated and we scheduled the induction for Saturday February 11 (TODAY)

I didn't sleep well that night, getting up every hour to use the restroom or because my throat was hurting due to being sick. That morning I got Madison ready for preschool, dropped her off, and came home to sit for the two hours until she was out. I started noticing some contractions about 10:00am and figured they were Braxton Hix since I was getting them everyday. I opted to pick Madison up a few minutes early because they were about 10 minutes apart, and I was kind of freaking out. 

I texted my mother in law about what was going on and she left work to come sit with me and the girls just in case anything happened.

During this time I also had people in our home fixing small repairs because of our 10 month house review, so while timing contractions, trying to clean, and pack a bag, I had strangers in and out annoying me!

From 2-3pm the contractions stopped and I thought we were in the clear, but htey came back stronger, a little harder, and lasting longer than the ones of the morning.

Starting to freak out some more, I started laundry and finally tried to pack a bag all while texting and calling people.

After my shower, while I was blow drying my hair at 5pm, they took another turn and I started telling people this was it! My husband was on his way home from work and we were going to the hospital as soon as he got home so I tried to get as much ready as I could for us and my mother in law who was staying with our girls.

I drove to the hospital, YES, I DROVE, all while my contractions were a steady 3 minutes apart, but I felt AMAZING! We parked at exactly 7pm and while walking to the doors, my contractions again changed. I could no longer walk through them but instead had to stop, breath, and wait for them to pass. My husband then knew there was no turning back and we were FOR SURE having a baby!!

We checked in with the labor and delivery floor and around 7:20pm they took me to an exam room to check me and put the monitors on to see if everything was real. I was indeed, 5cm dialated with contractions every 3-5 minutes apart and my doctor said yes to admitting me but I told my husband there was no way I was leaving!! LOL

My mom and sister got there, waited for me to be moved to a true labor and delievery floor, and after the IVs and stuff, they were there to comfort me.

I unfortunately tested positive for Beta Strep so everyone was in a hurry to get the antibiotics in me because they like to see a 4 hour window of the medicine in your system before the baby is delivered BUT I warned everyone we came in contact with that I deliver fast and wouldn't last the 4 hours.

About 8:30pm I was checked again and was at 6cm.
Somewhere in between this time and delivery my contractions were starting to get to me. I had felt amazing thus far and had no pain medicine or epidural and really wanted to continue without the epidural. I had an epidurl with both my girls and at the rate I was going, I knew there was a chance they'd say no AND I was so close, I wanted to finish on a good note, so I asked for something in my IV but was turned down because my nurse purposely wasted time and kept going and out of the room. She checked me, said I was 7, and said that the medicine would make the baby sleepy and told me no.

I could now feel her moving down the birth canal with each contraction and was having trouble focusing without screaming and I'm so lucky my sister was there to help me through all the contractions.

My sister is quite amazing! She's the oldest of my mother's children, had 5 natural child births, allowed me in the room with her 5th, and we have named our children after eachother. My sister is 12 years older than I am but I can count on her for anything and everything and I appreciate her more than she can ever know!

With each contraction, my sister would help me breathe, let me know when the contractions were coming down on the monitor, rub my back, PERFECT COACH!

I felt like I had to go to the bathroom so I was checked and was told it was just the baby and that I was still only 7cm but soon after had no choice but to push with my contraction. Its nearly impossible to NOT push and everyone started running around because I told them I couldn't stop and my doctor wasn't even in the room!

The nurse checked me, told the doctor I was NOT ready to deliver because I was only 8cm and still had cervix BUT my doctor said that's ok, we'll work through it.

I pushed twice before the doctor was down there, and once when he got the light on me and then told me STOP!! Why.. because her head was out! My doctor prefers to help guide the shoulders out as to prevent tearing and then there she was, beautiful as ever, on my belly, crying, yucky, and tiny. I unfortunately did not see her come out because the mirror was not positioned correctly and they didn't hear me tell them because everyone was focused on getting things ready for her.

Macyn Leigh-Ann was born February 7, 2012 at 9:27pm weighing 7lb 9oz & 19in long.

Before leaving for the hospital

Poor quality photo but this is my last pregnancy picture


Lindsey said...

Loved reading your story this morning! What a beautiful delivery {and it sounds fast, although maybe in the middle of it, it wasn't so much!} and beautiful baby girl... well, all 3 girls! :)

Julie G. said...

What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing your birth story with us :)

Party Of Four said...

Beautiful! Congrats on your new little bundle!!

Shaky Mommy said...

Congratulations! and you look great!

Dree Getz said...

Congratulations Momma. She is beautiful. That was a beautiful delivery story.

tisonly143 said...

Congrats mommie , you so deserve it.. Happy Birthday little one, and happy birthday to you to mommie for all you do :) God Bless