Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Belly Charms Review & Giveaway 2/29

Following information is from Belly Charms Facebook "INFO" Section

Belly Charms LLC is known for maternity / pregnancy belly button rings, personalized Swarovski mother's bracelets, maternity pendants and custom jewelry. I started Belly Charms after my second son was born. I love custom orders too.

Belly Charms started on Etsy in Dec. 2007 with 10 maternity belly button rings. I now have over 600 items available in a variety of categories on my websites: maternity belly button rings, holiday belly button rings, mother's bracelets, safety ID wristbands and sport ID products by Vital ID, maternity jewelry, peace and love collection, toe rings...the list grows as I keep adding more things.

I am a WAHM of 2 boys under the age of 5. Belly Charms is operated out of my home office. All of the maternity belly button rings and custom jewelry is made when ordered, personally by me. All orders are shipped ASAP and all orders over $20 ship for free in the US and Canada.

I had my eye on Belly Charms while we were trying to conceive because I knew that I wanted to try to keep my belly ring the whole pregnancy. When I was pregnant with our first daughter I took the peircing out after my body started rejecting it, and I never put it back in afterwards until one day when I realized it was still open several years later.

Once I found out I was pregnant, I immediately wrote Sonya, owner of Belly Charms, and expressed my interest in the product and she gladly agreed to a review and giveaway with me using the items my whole pregnancy before making my final opinion.


I was sent multiple maternity rings, as well as a standard size ring and I immediately put that in and was shocked at how much more comfortable a flexible maternial is instead of steel. I felt like I no longer had a ring in because I couldn't tell it was there and I knew right away I was going to love these products!

Sonya is amazing because not only does she hand make everything all while being a mother and wife, but she's quick to get back to you with any questions and concerns you may have, like when my body started to reject the standard belly ring around 13 weeks along. I emailed a picture, she quickly got back to me, and after changing to a maternity ring and babying the peircing for a couple days, I was back to normal.

13 weeks and 5 days pregnant

With her great selection of maternity rings to choose from, I was excited to see what the Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Maternity Belly Button Ring looked like in person because it is by far my favorite item of her's.

Available in 5 colors

I like to say Macyn got to dress up for Halloween because I bought one of Sonya's adorable Spider belly rings and while I took a little risk since it was a standard size steel bar, I was able to wear it comfortably and my belly looked cute.

24 weeks pregnant

Using these maternity rings my whole pregnancy, I can say that they honestly do their job. There were times when my peircing felt a little tight but that's to be expected and all I had to do was use some cream and everything was back to normal. I've had no real issues with these products and will continue to wear them as my primary jewelry and buy from Sonya in the future. I love the personal side of her and her business and you just can't get that anywhere else.

Not only does Belly Charms carry regular rings, but the maternity rings are great because you can cut them down to "normal" size and no one would ever know. I think they're a tad hard to cut but that could also be the scissors I used LOL.

I've recommended Belly Charms and I know she ended up buying so I am now here to encourage you to take a look around and potentially buy something because then you'll get to see for yourself what a great company Belly Charms is.

Don't have your belly peirced? NO PROBLEM!
Sonya also offers toe rings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets, and earrings!

She also offers a one year replacement if you have loose stones, stripped balls, or anything else that could possibly happen. One of the stones in my butterfly fell out and I was immediately sent a brand new butterfly charm and it looked just as great as the first one I received!

You can find Belly Charms on Etsy and Artfire and of course Facebook!

36 weeks pregnant