Thursday, March 8, 2012

Itzbeen Review & Giveaway 3/12

ITZBEEN™ Baby Care Timer was developed by a new mom and dad who found themselves sleep-deprived and needing help to remember baby care details, such as when their baby last ate or napped. They tried charts and journals, but thought there had to be a better way. So, they created the ITZBEEN™: a multi-purpose nursery tool that helps new parents remember the basic details of baby care. The ITZBEEN™ has four timers that count up with the touch of a button, and a host of other helpful features, all designed with the needs of a new parent in mind.

We received a pink Itzbeen and I was anxious to use it! It looks so simple and with the convienent clip on the back, you can easily carry it with you around the house and never forget where you sat it down last.

This is embarrassing to admit, but I couldn't figure out how to set the time on it! I read the directions and could get the hour to move but not the minutes, so after my husband read the directions and set it, we were good to go.

When I have a newborn, I have a hard time remembering when last feedings were, especially in the middle of the night. First thing I do when feeding Macyn is look at the clock so I can time how long she breastfeeds, but you still forget the time, especially at 3am!

The Itzbeen helps because there's no second guessing. As long as you remember to reset the buttons each time, there's no way you can forget because it tracks it all so easily for you.

I really like that there is also a tab to help you remember which breast the baby last ate off of. Normally I'll wear a tank top and just leave the strap off for the last breast that fed my child, but having something like that, I can actually set that and not worry about it because I have forgotten in the past and guess which one.

There's also a way to set a timer so if you are one of those parents that wakes your child up for feedings (I personally don't) you can set it to where it will beep after a certain amount of time and the little button flashes as well to help get your attention.

Overall, I like the Itzbeen and think it's a simple product, but is more modern than pen and paper if you prefer this approach.

Itzbeen retails on their site for $24,99 and free shipping if in US
There's also a store locator for your state and a list of places that sell them online, such as Target, Wal-Mart, and Babies R Us


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