Friday, March 30, 2012

Kidz Med Thermometer Review

The Kidz-Med VeraTemp non-contact thermometer provides convenience, accuracy in a trauma-free, parent tested and FDA approved thermometer. With VeraTemp non-contact technology, there is no need to touch, startle or wake your child when taking their temperature. The elegantly designed Kidz-Med VeraTemp gives instant readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit and is easy to use with fussy or combative patients. The non-contact technology also allows you to use the thermometer to take other temperatures around the home. This superior, non-contact thermometer delivers Truth, Accuracy and is temperature taking, redefined.

Since Macyn was born in the winter and right in the middle of flu season, I wanted a good thermometer. Regular thermometers are hard to use because you have to hold it under the arm, and your child is squirming the whole just trying to get away, making it hard to get an accurate reading. Other thermometers on the market like the ones you roll across the forehead don't seem to be accurate either. We have one that you roll across the forehead and it gives random numbers and is different every single time. Sometimes it just gives an error message and while you know you did it correctly, its fails to work like its supposed to. With that being said, a new thermometer was a must for us in the house with a new baby.

I'd seen some reviews of the Kidz-Med Thermometer through other blogs, and even tried to win one, but after no luck I found a contact that was willing to send me one for review.

As soon as it came in the mail, we were all "playing" with it, taking different temperatures of items and ourselves, testing it out to see how accurate it could be. We tested our fish tank which has a temperature reader on it, cold cans, all of us, hot items and more.

This thermometer is ideal for small children because it's no contact which means they don't have to be touched for this to read. If your child is sick but you still want to check on them in the night, simply sneeking in their room, pointing at their forehead, and sneaking back out is all you need to do. It's a simple point and push of the button to get a reading and then you're done. It even stores old reads so you can compare if you're monitoring a fever. It's very accurate and can be used for many things, like temperature of food and even bath water.

I like this thermometer and I'm glad we have it because we've been lucky that our kids haven't gotten really sick, but I know the time will come when everyone will be sick and I'll happily use this thermometer with confidence.

You can purchase at local stores like Wal-Mart or Target, but also on for about $40