Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Leading Lady Review & Giveaway 3/18

The year was 1939, and a young, soon-to-be-entrepreneur named Frank Farino had just found out that the Cleveland bra company that he worked for was closing its doors. Little did he know at the time that this temporary setback was actually a blessing in disguise. "When one door closes, another one opens," as the saying goes.
A second bit of divine providence came in the form of the "severance package" that Frank received from his former employers. In lieu of the vacation pay he was owed, instead, Frank was given two well-used, but entirely serviceable, sewing machines, along with four sales accounts and the tidy sum of $240.
So, suddenly out of a job but equipped with two sewing machines, some business contacts, and a bit of cash, Frank decided that the best way to re-join the ranks of the gainfully employed was to do what he knew best: make bras and sell bras.
The challenges, and subsequent triumphs, didn't end there. It was the early 40's, after all, and the war was on. Rationing was in full effect in the U.S., as the country conserved virtually everything in order to support the war effort. This led to a shortage of the raw materials used to manufacture intimate apparel. So, how would Frank keep his fledgling company afloat without product to sell?
He quickly realized that maternity and nursing bras were not classified as intimate apparel. They were, in fact, medical items and were considered to be just as necessary as crutches and bandages.
So, Frank Farino's bra company quickly became Frank Farino's maternity and nursing bra company.
Today, Leading Lady is one of the country's oldest and most successful intimate apparel manufacturers. We specialize in quality lingerie for mothers-to-be and new moms, as well as full-figure bras, sleep/leisure bras and other specialty lingerie and accessories.
It's been nearly three-quarters of a century, but Frank Farino's original vision is still alive and well here at Leading Lady. We remain a family company with Frank's descendants still at the helm. And we're still in the business of making and selling maternity and nursing bras, just like Frank was all those years ago.

How beautiful is the bra above?!
Gorgeous right?

This is the bra I chose to review and I couldn't be happier!
I've never had a black bra but the lace is so beautiful, I couldn't pass it up!

This is an underwire nursing bra, and another one I have makes me so sore after wearing it, and yet, this bra from Leading Lady is comfortable, soft, flexible, and it molds to the shape of ME.

The clasp for nursing is easy to unclip for use, and the cup of the bra easily molds a different shape while feeding. I've had bras in the past where the cup wouldn't stay down while feeding and it was irritating. The last thing you want to do with a hungry baby is fight with your nursing bra, and I can quickly get this undone and nurse Macyn.

There is an inner sling in the bra for support and I also like this feature. It gives me great shape and helps support at the same time, especially if Macyn goes a while without eating and I in turn am a little fuller than normal.

I feel sexy in this bra!
Yep, I said it, I FEEL SEXY!
I love the beautiful mesh lace, and the fact that you can see the tan cotton through it. The bow in the front is also a nice touch because it makes the bra even more feminine and its just plain cute!

I like that you can't really tell this is a nursing bra, which means after I'm done breastfeeding in the future, I will continue to use this bra as normal.

Not only does Leading Lady have nursing bras, they carry many other items as well!
Regular bras,
Full Figure bras,
Wire free,
Nursing bras,
Nursing camis,
Sports bras,
and even sleep wear!!

Leading Lady also has a clearance section and carry something for everyone.
With so many different sizes, shapes, and styles, there should be no problem finding many items you love and want to add to your collection, and the best part of that... they're affordable!
Nothing I love more than beautiful, comfortable bras at a great price!!


Cathy Anderson said...

Nursing mom should indeed be wearing barely there nursing bras that would perfectly fit their breasts. These would surely be more comfortable to wear. Will protect them too.