Friday, March 16, 2012

Making Mama's Milk and More Review & Giveaway 3/20

I am a Mother of 5 children.
I started this company in hopes of helping many other women like myself, with supply issues. I have met so many mom's who wish there was something they can take/eat to help build a supply and feed their growing babies. I have a cookie that does just that! It is very exciting to have everything you need in our cookies!

I have a recipe that can give you all the vitamins and all the herbs you need to produce more of thatLiquid Gold!! If we tried to take all the ingredients in pill form, that are found in my cookies, we would have to swallow 30 pills a day! No fun, and also no time with our bundles of joy to take care of. So, with a supply of cookies, we can produce more milk with less effort on our part.  

Madison, our oldest, was born one week after my 19th birthday and while I knew I wanted to breastfeed, I knew nothing about it. I took a breastfeeding class offered by WIC, but I now know that there was so much more I should've learned! She was breastfed for the first month, but I didn't enjoy it and tried to pump as soon as she was a month old so she could drink from a bottle. Barely getting anything and being confused by the whole process of pumping, I gave up and switched to formula.
McKenzie, our second daughter, was breastfed for one week. I noticed my breasts were super flat and not filling up like I was expecting them to and she would cry all the time, so after doctor check ups and seeing her loose weight, I opted to formula feed and assumed that my breasts failed me and my child.

That leads me to Making Mama's Milk and More. She actually contacted me via my Facebook page and I was thrilled because I was doing research on lactiation cookies because of my fears of my body failing me again. It's such a horrible feeling to think that my body doesn't work right because as a woman there should be no reason why I can't provide for my child in the most natural and healthy way possible for me and my child.

I emailed her the week before I gave birth just to get in touch, let her know my due date was soon approaching, and to talk about the review. Unexpectedly going in to labor, my cookies were waiting on me when we arrived home after the 48 hours in the hospital.

AS SOON AS I SAW WHO THE PACKAGE WAS FROM I OPENED THE BOX AND ATE A COOKIE! I just couldn't help myself and after seeing months of pictures on her Facebook page of freshly baked cookies, I just HAD to know what they tasted like!
I got all three of her flavors to review which were Oatmeal Raisin, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, and Oatmeal Butterscotch. I happened to open the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip package and OH MY GOODNESS I was in heaven!! I remember laughing at myself after realizing I had said out loud "MMMM, THESE ARE AMAZING!!"
These cookies were so soft, moist, delicious, and the perfect size. They waited on me for at least one day and yet you couldn't tell they had been baked, shipped, and sat in a box on my front porch just waiting to be eaten. My mother in law watched our girls and I even made her take a bite because I had to share with SOMEONE at how great the taste was! (My husband doesn't eat much sweets)
I can't remember if I ate one or two cookies that night (10:30pm) but when I got up several hours later my breasts had changed for the good. I don't know for sure if these changes were from the cookies because I don't know how fast they work but I had confidence just in seeing a change.
I had no appetite for almost two weeks after having Macyn and while that is not a good thing at all, the one thing I could eat was these cookies and I made sure that I at least was getting them in to my stomach because of what they can do! Luckily my appetite came back and the cookies got to extend their life shelf some.

These cookies lasted me for 4 weeks because I did not eat them everyday. It is recommended to drink plenty of water and eat 1 or 2 cookies a day. I ate them everyday for the first two weeks and then every other day and then when I felt like I needed a boost with my supply from my breasts feeling so empty. Everytime I ate these cookies, they did their job, plain and simple!
My favorite cookie was the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. I love chocolate chip cookies and the mix of the two was something I'd never had before but it's a great blend of the flavors all mixed together.

Oatmeal Raisin by itself was fabulous as well because there was such a flavor of oatmeal but not too strong with just the right amount of raisins (in my opinion). I like raisins, but I also prefer a small amount in cookies so it's not over powering.
Butterscotch is next on the list and while I'm not really a fan of Butterscotch, I knew I needed to try them for review purposes as well as curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised when I bit in to one and didn't find myself hating it. There's chunks of butterscoth in the cookies which makes for a nice surprise and I started to like them more and more each time I ate one.
She did tell me that you can freeze these cookies and take them out as need be so they taste fresh and I did not do that but would recommend it! They did start to get a little hard in the third week but I find that AMAZING since you get in the bag so much and it had been several weeks. Looking back I wish I'd frozen some and left some out so I could've compared taste but I didn't. I purposely chose to leave them out to see how long they would last. I always kept them in the package they came in and tied the bag back up after getting in them each time.
I'm hoping funds get better at my husband's job so I can make a purchase to have in my freezer.
I don't ever get overly full and leak like crazy but I find myself constantly worrying that something might happen to my supply. I plan on breastfeeding for a while so lets cross our fingers that everything works out!!
Do I recommend these cookies?
She ships the same day she bakes and they arrive in just a few short days!
The cookies are organic and dairy free, with also selling vegan options!
Trial size is 20 cookies that sell for $30
30 cookies/30 day supply is $45
She also offers a "Subscription" for $45 that is 40 cookies instead of 30 and you don't have to worry about remembering to pay each month because PayPal takes care of that.
Check out her website for yourself and order today!


prayersforpaisley said...

I accidentally entered twice! Can you just cancel one of my entries please? I had my daughter last Friday 14 weeks early because my water broke 8 weeks before that. I had milk issues with my first to full term babies and since I can only pump I really want to try these cookies! Thanks, if it's possible to still be included.

prayersforpaisley said...

Lol! This is how bad I am at this stuff... I signed up for the contest under my name, Rebekah. Not my blog. I'm not even sure how it got connected!

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It isnt letting me enter past the first entry. I def need these. Im gonna run out. Butterscotch is my fave from orderin with her