Friday, March 9, 2012

Woombie Review & Giveaway 3/13

We are located in Trumbull, CT & specialize in the design of innovative & original baby products with the theme "Swaddle Snuggle Sleep." All of our products are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner in both the USA and China.
Parents love The WOOMbie because of its easy IN/OUT design, stay put zipper which will not open or unravel and its unique 4 way stretch material. In a nut-shell, the WOOMbie helps to maintain the comfort levels of both baby and parent, easing undue stress and promoting a more peaceful environment, which is greatly, greatly needed and appreciated during the first few months of life during transition from the womb. So many new parents and babies are achieving a smoother transition from womb to 6 months after using the WOOMbie.

First off I want to say that I misplaced this item so I couldn't use it right from the beginning like I had planned.

I could've sworn I put it in her room to make sure everything was in there and ready for arrival and running around like a chicken with my head cut off on the day she decided to arrive, it got put with other things.

I love that this product has the option for arms in and/or arms out because she is past the stage of arms in. I got a newborn size which is 5-13 lbs and it fits her great. She is currently 8lbs 9oz and she still has room to grow and be able to use it. She has a VERY easy startle reflex and she just sleeps better with a swaddle on. The first night she slept in this Woombie she slept from 9pm-2:30am!!

Our first two girls were not swaddled or anything and I can see the benefits of products like this and I truly believe that they are a must have for any parent!! Whether it's your first child or your tenth child, you always find new products you didn't know about before and Woombie is a great product and again, a MUST have!

My favorite feature about this product is the double zipper! When I first went to put it on her, I was sad because I thought that it had to unzipped from top to bottom, but then I discovered the double zipper option and I probably looked like a kid in a candy store because I could feel my face light up with joy LOL. With unzipping from bottom to top, it makes it so much easier to change diapers in the middle of the night because you can get right to their tush, change, and be done super fast.

The size threw me off a little too because it looks small, but it's not. It's form fitting, yet has a great stretch to it which allows them to be nice and snug, but able to move freely and comfortably! Macyn is currently the same length as her Woombie when she fully stretches out, but she likes to curl up in the fetal position still so she'll be able to use this for a while until she can get used to not having anything around her to give her comfort (other than clothing)

The Convertible Woombie comes in 3 different sizes and 6 patterns with a retail value of $27.99