Sunday, April 15, 2012 & Operation Smile began renting textbooks in August of 2007. Since then, we've served thousands and thousands of customers on more than 5,000 different college campuses in the fabulous USA. You can be confident in our customer service and reliability. We work like maniacs to get books to our customers on time, make things right when something goes wrong, and provide fast and responsive customer service. At we offer virtually any textbook for rent, we pay students for referring friends, we award scholarships every semester, and we contribute a portion of the rental proceeds to a worthy humanitarian project each year. We’ll keep you involved in our humanitarian projects and progress through our “Making a Difference” link. 

Money is tight for everyone and books to get an education only add to the stress. When getting books from the college you're attending, they charge hundreds of dollars for a book you'll use for one semester and then no longer need. Afterward you're stuck with the book unless you can try to sell it for a small return of what you paid. 

Well, let me tell you about!! 

First, you'll search for the book you need by entering the ISBN (10 or 13 digit number on the back of the book by the bar code), title, author, or keyword in to their search field. If you can find the ISBN number, that is ideal since this number is unique to the book and will best insure ordering the right one needed. After you select your book, you log in and start the process of checking out!

There are different semester periods so you'll need to rent books accordingly to your semester time frame. All rented books start the day your book is delivered to you and end how ever many days later your semester is. (This depends on full time, summer classes etc) also offers a 15 days grace period on the books for no extra fee. This is ideal if you want the book a little early, or if you need to make up a final exam at the end. This is part of the rental process and takes no extra effort on your part. 

They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee so if you decide that a certain class isn't for you, or you don't need the book like first thought, simply print off a return label from your account online and mail it back for a 100% refund. Even highlighting important information is allowed and not considered "damage" to the book like others may decide. 

Once you're done with the book and your rental period is up, simply return via their FREE pre-paid envelope and rent the next books needed in order to continue your education!

If I was choosing to go to college, this is a site I would check out! In order to get an education you need books, but that doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars per book! With 40-90% off the normal  bookstore prices, it never hurts to look and see just how much YOU can save! Here is even an example for you. History of Mathematics with the retail of $132.00 BUT you can rent for $28-$32 depending on your semester. 

Also, has partnered with Operation Smile, so when you purchase a book, part of that money goes to help them in their journey of helping others!

Operation Smile is an international children's medical charity that heals children's smiles, forever changing their lives. As a children’s charity, we measure ourselves by the joy we see on all of the faces we help. At Operation Smile, we're more than a charity. More than an NGO. We're a mobilized force of medical professionals and caring hearts who provide safe, effective reconstructive surgery for children born with facial deformities such as cleft lip and cleft palate. Since 1982, Operation Smile — through the help of dedicated medical volunteers — has provided more than 2 million patient evaluations and over 200,000 free surgeries for children and young adults born with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities.

The goal of every medical mission is to fulfill a child's greatest wish: the chance to be normal. The unique and successful medical mission model is the foundation for providing safe surgeries for children around the world and building a long-term sustainable solution. They mobilize medical volunteers across the globe to treat children with cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial deformities, and leave a legacy of trained medical professionals, surgical equipment and professional partnerships to help carry on the work after our team of medical volunteers has left. They also provide dental care and help to burn victims. You can volunteer if you're in the medical field, and even students with hands on experience to help you learn as you grow! You can also donate a cash gift here, make a OneSmile fundraising page, or purchase the items directly from their catalog option.

I was lucky that my three children were both healthy and happy little girls, but its companies and people like Operation Smile that truly make a difference and help people that aren't as fortunate. I encourage you to look on their site, read all the facts, and donate to help children all over the world!

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S Dupree said...

Looks like a great way to save money on text books!

Mariah @ said...

I love that there are more and more options for textbooks these days! Where were these when I was in college?

Mariah, Formula Mom

ToSewWith Love said...

when I was in college, I would photocopy a classmate's book and bind it but it's not as good because some part of the book aren't clear, etc. How I wish they had this when I was in the university!

Isra said...

I would've loved this in college, what a great partnership!

Hillary Bost said...

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