Friday, April 6, 2012

Crazy Dog T-shirts Review & Giveaway 4/19

Birth of Crazy Dog T-shirts

We're Crazy Dog T-Shirts and we made it here by accident. A beautiful accident to be sure, and one that has provided us years of entertainment, but still, an accident is an accident whether its spilling your milk or having a surprise kid.

7 years ago, Crazy Dog Owner and CSO (Cheif Snacking Officer), Bill, started Crazy Dog as an eCommerce project in the dark dorm room hallways of Ithaca College. Forgetting to take down the website, orders kept coming in, and Bill kept filling them, working out of his moms basement for a year or 2 before she stopped making him Meatloaf and told him he better start leasing the space or she'd stop making his bed and folding his laundry. Not long after that we started leasing space in the artsy Village Gate in our hometown of Rochester, NY; home of Genesee Beer, Garbage Plates, and a really nice water reservoir. Several years later our space is 7000 square feet of pure awesomeness; and we run the joint with a staff of 9 and love every minute of it.

Wondering what happened to Bill's mean mom who stopped making meatloaf? She still works here Part-Time...packing shirts and doing Bill's Laundry. In all seriousness though, we wouldn't be here without some great customers. We have tons of original designs, and several that come from our partners such as David & Goliath and Junk Food Tees. We are the go to shop for funny tees, clever shirts and hilarious Couture. We wear the shirts we sell, and we think that stands for something nowadays. Real people read and answer your emails, not robots or tiny underpaid children. We think bacon is the bomb, we still say "The Bomb", and we love naps. We work hard but have fun doing it. We are everything you think a company should be, and we stand by our promise to give you the quality shirts you deserve.

Crazy Dog T-shirts allowed me to review two of their shirts so I got one for my husband and one for myself. My challenge was to find two shirts under $17 and I found out quickly it wasn't a challenge at all! Crazy Dog T-shirts has a vast variety of shirts for men, women, and children ranges in all sizes and prices. Since I love cupcakes, I figured the cake t-shirt would be the most fitting for myself, not to mention the saying is so hilarious to me. I texted a couple pictures of shirts to my husband and he chose the liver shirt.

My shirt came in a Men's size Large and I love the fit but will not be drying it so it doesn't shrink. I wanted it to be a form fitting shirt, but I think if I got an XL and dried it, that would've been a better choice for me.

My husband wanted a 3XL based off their size chart and it too is a great fit! I'm glad I showed him the chart and had him pick the size because I don't think his normal size choice 2XL would've fit as well.

These shirts are funny and amazingly soft at the same time! It doesn't really feel like a shirt because the material is so breathable.

I will gladly buy shirts in the future from this company and there are some that I currently have my eye one, especially the one pictured below!

I really wish the shirt pictured below came in my size. I think its HILARIOUS but unfortantely it's only in two sizes currently and is on a huge discount and now priced at $9.

Overall, I like this company. They have something for everyone and offer their clothes at very afforable prices! They even have a daily deal shirt you can purchase for $6.99, as well a $9 section to choose from!