Saturday, April 7, 2012

PhotoTrax *Sponsor Spotlight*

PhotoTrax is designed to easily slide 4x6 photos in and out while it's attached to the wall, but can also accommodate larger photos too. For larger photos, bend the trax on the pre-scored line found on the middle of the trax. Bend it back and forth until it splits in two pieces. Mount the bottom trax first with the removable adhesive, and insert the same size photos on the bottom of the groove of the mounted trax. When photos are lined up, simply place the top trax (with adhesive on it) so the photos fit into the top groove and then press against the wall. You will still be able to move the photos around in the trax and change and replace them with new ones.

When I discovered PhotoTrax, I was ecstatic!! We have literally THOUSANDS of photos on our computer of our girls, but frames are expsensive and create holes in the wall. Having a new home, I was hesitant on hanging a bunch of pictures because of nail holes and found our walls to be empty because of it. Slowly over the last year of owning our first home we have hung a couple big picture frames, but my husand and I have been talking about adding more to fill up the walls.

We have an area in our home that is perfect for PhotoTrax. We can put pictures up of our girls and help fill in the empty space and give the beam some life!

My favorite thing about PhotoTrax is that you're not limited to 4x6 landscape photos. As shown in the video above, you truly can fit anything you wish, and it takes no real time at all! This will also be nice to have because you can quickly pop pictures in and out without needing to take a frame off the wall, take off the back of the frame, and change the photo.

I have one frame in our home that holds eight pictures and cost us $30 so I know for a fact that PhotoTrax is the way to go if you like to display pictures like I do. It's hard to pick your favorite pictures when you take so many, but with PhotoTrax, I'll now be able to display many more easily.

PhotoTrax comes in black OR white and you get four frames per box for the low price of $12.99 from their site

PhotoTrax is kind enough to participate in the "A Tisket, A Tasket" blog hop that starts tomorrow!
One winner will receive a set trax
Winner will US only