Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Purchasing our first home, 1 yr later

Day we added the SOLD sign, August 2010

It's been so nice being in a permanent place! We used to move every year with our tax return, but after having children we knew that they needed a stable home to be in, a bedroom to call their own, and a yard to enjoy! We actually started our journey to home ownership in 2008. We went with a company that sounded great and after several months, they tried to up the prices and we backed out of our contract. You might know them as CP Morgan. The mortgage company they were partnered with also went under so I'm glad that we trusted our gut and backed out when we realized something was wrong. Fast forward to the summer of 2010 and we found another company IN THE SAME NEIGHBORHOOD as before that was willing to work with us. My husband had bad credit from being a teenager with no medical insurance, but I had no technical job, so we set out to build my husband's credit up high enough to get approved! After several months, we were notified in January 2011 that our hard work payed off and we soon would start the process of building!

Day we closed, APRIL 18, 2011

While getting used to a mortgage has had its ups and downs, we love the thought of our daughters growing up in this home and their first school is across the street! 

We have many plans for our home in the future and that is all a work in progress, but the biggest part is done and we can continue to enjoy something is OUR'S and watch our girls grow and learn, all while living in a stable environment.



Life Happens said...

Congrats to owning your first home!! It's beautiful.

Devon F said...

Beautiful! Congrats!!

Armandina Skerl said...

You are lucky to own a home which location is convenient for your family especially for the kids. You wouldn't have to worry in picking them after school since it's just across your home. BTW, the house looks simple but it's still a beauty.

Armandina Skerl