Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Vinyl Wall *Sponsor Spotlight*

Vinyl wall decals and wall stickers are one of the best ways decorate and personalize every room in your house! Removable wall decals work in the kitchen, bedroom, baby room, nursery, bathroom or hobby room - on almost any smooth surface!

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I was so excited to get to work with a company that does vinyl wall art because its such an easy way to decorate your home in a short amount of time. We have such a big wall in our living room that needed to be decorated. I knew that it would be the perfect wall for pictures of our girls as they grow and we can add more and more over time and I have an image in my mind of eventually the whole wall being covered in photos and memories!
This is a picture of our living room. It was taken shortly after we moved in last year. There's so much that can be done with that wall, but I think pictures are by far the best idea possible.

Choose your wall
Get packing tape or duct tape to attach decal to wall
Peel off back layer
Firmly press over lettering with a smooth object
Peel away front layer

First off, we didn't have either packing tape or duct tape, so we TRIED to use scotch tape to hold it on the wall. That made it difficult to peel off the back layer so we could expose the letters BUT that's our own fault. After my husband smoothed everything over, it was time to take off the top layer so you can expose the finished product. That was not as easy as we thought. Some of the lettering tried to stay on the paper or rip so he had to go very slow and watch it as it came off so he could smooth it out again if we ran in to trouble.

This print is 22x22 which is the biggest she had ever done and that was because I have such a big wall. That being said, I think that's why we had the minor issues. With some more rubbing, all was better and eventually we got our final product!

We have gotten nothing but great responses when people walk in our living room. It makes such a big and bold statement and I absolutely love it! I hope in the future that my husband will let me purchase some vinyl art to put in our places of our home because its so easy and pretty. This saying has been on our wall for about five months now and I have had NO issues of any kind with it trying to come off or bubble up or anything. I think it will be there for a very long time and I'm ok with that!

You can purchase this saying, along with so many others on their Etsy page 

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Addicted to Recipes said...

Looks great! My husband does vinyl wall art here where we live and we've had some great projects come through. I love your saying, it's awesome!