Friday, May 4, 2012

Dale & Thomas Popcorn Mother's Day Review & Giveaway 5/14

Dale and Thomas Popcorn have developed a huge assortment of delicious, irresistible flavors that blend perfectly with the crunchy, munchy texture of sweet and salty popped corn. This is definitely not your average movie house popcorn. Oh, no. This is popcorn to the extreme, popcorn that makes your mouth water, popcorn that silently, wordlessly draws your hand toward the bowl. In other words, this is flavored gourmet popcorn you will remember for a lifetime!

I'm here today to tell you about Dale & Thomas and their great popcorn company! This was my first time trying Dale & Thomas Popcorn and not being a big popcorn fan, their company caught my eye because of the special flavors they offer.

Included in this Mother's Day Gift Box is four, foot long bags of popcorn with the flavors Chocolate Chunk N'Caramel, Peanut Butter & White Chocolate Drizzlecorn, Hall of Fame Kettle Corn, and White Cheddar & Black Peppercorn.

I think the peanut butter is my favorite! The popcorn is super soft and the mix of peanut butter and white chocolate is amazing! It's really sweet and at times I forgot I was actually eating popcorn! 

I'm a huge chocolate fan so I was really excited to also try the chocolate popcorn. It's harder with a glaze like kettle corn, but really hits the spot if you feel the need for a chocolate fix! The caramel and chocolate mix compliment each other well and you can easily taste both flavors in your mouth. 

Dale & Thomas celebrates many holidays, so while there's plenty for Mother's Day, like this box above, you can also buy for nurses, teachers, congratulations, get well, and even It's a Boy or It's a Girl! If you just want to say I'm thinking of you, there's also an "any occasion" selection.

They offer twelve flaovors and can come in different sampler sets or tins if you prefer. 

This Mother's Day Gift Box retails for $24.95