Sunday, May 27, 2012

Plasma Car Review

PlaSmart Inc. began its journey to worldwide success within the toy industry with the introduction of the Plasmacar™ in 2003. With the tremendous success of this ingenious, battery-free, kid-powered ride-on toy, we have since continued to dedicate ourselves to providing innovative, unique, time-honored toys that are sure to be classics and enjoyed by children and parents alike, for several generations to come.

I was interested in trying out the Plasma Car toy because I liked the thought of no batteries, no maintenance, and our kids doing all the work. 

The Plasma Car is a great toy that uses inertia, centrifugal force and friction to power it. All you have to do is turn the wheel back and forth (like in the video above) and then you go. This car can go up to 6mph when on a smooth, flat surface which is perfect for children! 

Madison was away with her grandmother camping, so McKenzie got a whole weekend to play with the Plasma Car as much as she wanted! I was pretty excited for her to get to have her own time with it, getting used to it, and figuring out how it works. She turns three on the 29th so she's right at the youngest age they recommend for this toy. 

While we showed McKenzie how to make this toy work, her arms are short and don't allow her to move very well when trying to move the steering wheel back and forth enough to get it going. She prefers the simpler way of putting her feet on the ground and pushing off while steering with the wheel. 

Madison is 4 1/2 and knows how to work this car much better. I was excited for to come home from camping and see the car because I wanted to see her on it so bad! I think that a flat service is KEY because while she can do it on our driveway and sidewalk, our kitchen/dining room floor is SO much better. Madison can hop on this Plasma Car and ride off like a pro! The first couple days we had this new toy, she would giggle every time she rode it because she was so proud of herself. I forgot to tell her that you can go backwards by simply turning the steering wheel around, but one day she said "LOOK MOM!" and she was indeed going backwards! 

A woman never wants to admit her weight BUT... I am right at their max for the weight limit so I've never tried to ride the Plasma Car but at 23 years old I can sadly say, I'm very jealous of my girls because they can ride this toy car and I can't. 

Overall I highly recommend a Plasma Car for your kids!
It's low maintenance because you don't have to worry about replacing batteries or charging anything, and it's fun for a big age range of kids so you're getting a great value for your money!

The Plasma Car comes in 5 great colors!

Ages 3+
Up to 220lbs
Retail Value is $69.99 on and Toys R Us.

You can connect with Plasma car on their 
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LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Great review!!! We have the plasma car and LOVE it!!!

Kristyn said...

Great review! my daughter would love one of these!! i will have to look into getting her one now

Mom Caboodle said...

My daughter is ten years old and she has Autism. She can't ride a bike even with training wheels (she's scared) I would love to get her one of these!!

Debbie P said...

I bought a one of these a few years back for my nephew with special needs and he loved it....we actually all did!

Danielle Simmons said...

We absolutely LOVE our PlasmaCar. I have one for my son and need to purchase another for my daughter. They are such a hit when the neighbors come over.

Valerie's Reviews said...

Great review, I didn't know it came in all of those colors - I have only seen the red.

Kristen said...

Fantastic review Michelle! My children both have a Plasma Car at their Grandmother's and they love them! I admit that I ride on them as well just because they are that fun!!!! I have never seen a Pink one, but WOULD love one as pink is my favorite color...hehe...

As a side note....I am in love with your cupcake theme!!!!

Opinions of a Moody Mama said...

Great review! My son has a plasma car and he loves it!

Erin @ Simply Frugal Mom said...

Great review. I bet my son would love that. Definitely going to check it out for his upcoming birthday.

PlaSmart said...

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone! We're so glad you all love your PlasmaCars so much! :-)

AmberFaith said...

What an awesome review! I own two PlasmaCars. My daughter's is red, and she absolutely loves it!

Amber Faith
Beautifully BellaFaith