Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shake, Rattle, & Roll *Sponsor Spotlight* Little Baby Bumblebee, Baby Package

Monthly Onesie Stickers are a unique and perfect way to document your little one throughout their first year of life. These photo props are transparent stickers that are placed on your child's onesie, tshirt, or bodysuit for picture taking. These are perfect gifts for new moms or moms-to-be.

I've discovered so many neat things in our third pregnancy and Little Baby Bumblebee is a must have for any parent! I found Little Baby Bumblebee when Belly Charms Blog posted about this Etsy shop and I of course had to take a look!

Belly Charms advertised the maternity stickers that Little Baby Bumblebee sells and I've got to say, I was sad when I saw them. I loved the selections so much but being nearly half way through my pregnancy and already using another company's maternity stickers, I had to only wish I had the Cupcake Maternity Set. 

Since I was too far along to get the maternity stickers, I looked around at their monthly sticker sets. I was delighted to see such a variety of cupcake monthly stickers for children and even made a blog post to ask my followers which set they liked the best because I was having a hard time choosing. 

I take pictures of my kids every month for the first year of their life, but with these stickers its a super quick way to remember the age instead of looking at the time stamp and counting like I have to do with Madison and McKenzie's monthly snap shots. Since I take the pictures anyway, it's a few extra minutes to add a fun flair to the picture that I'll look at forever! 

Some stickers are pre-cut, so you just have to peel and stick, but some (like these cupcake stickers) are on one sheet of paper that you have to cut out yourself. It doesn't take long to cut and I just follow the outline of the cupcake. After I'm done using the sticker I just replace the backing and put it back with the others in the envelope!

As you can see from month 2, it's definitely best to have these stickers on a white shirt. It's suggested on the Little Bumblebee Etsy page, but I wanted to test other colors and probably should have tried to take another picture with her in white.

It's amazing to see how much she's changed in 3 short months and I'm excited to see the differences when she's a year old! I plan on doing an updated post in the future as well to share how she's changed over time. 

I really like these stickers and I even have milestone stickers now as well and I'm excited to start using those too when the time comes!

The Little Baby Bumblebee Etsy Shop has such a variety to offer for any occasion! 

Maternity Stickers
1st month stickers (wish I saw these for Macyn)
Monthly Stickers
13-24 months Stickers
My Firsts Stickers
She even sells tie stickers for little boys!!!

She also converts a lot of stickers, so if you see a design you like but it's not available in the stickers you want, just ask! Maybe it can be done!

All her sticker sets sell for $9 and then she offers discounts when you buy multiple packs. 

I have a friend that is about 4 months pregnant, and when she gets closer to her due date in October, I'll be buying a couple sets of these stickers so she can enjoy them too with her first bundle of joy!

Come back on May 22 to enter to win a set of stickers from The Little Baby Bumblebee Etsy Shop!