Monday, May 21, 2012

Shake, Rattle, & Roll *Sponsor Spotlight* Lansinoh & mOmma, Baby Package

Born in Italy, mOmma products are BPA and phthalate-free and are dishwasher safe.
Combining innovation, Italian style, movement and color, mOmma (pronounced with a long "o") provides products that are purposefully and uniquely designed to engage toddlers, stimulating their curiosity and development by encouraging free play.
Equal parts stylish and smart, mOmma products incorporate a rounded, ergonomic design that allow cups, forks and spoons to rock back-and-forth, keeping kids entertained during breakfast lunch and dinner.

At Lansinoh, we support breastfeeding and want it to continue even when you and your baby aren't together. That is why we've introduced our new bottle line with a patented nipple based on over 50 years of research - so you can give your baby your precious breastmilk while you are away, but have the confidence that your baby will return to your breast when you get home. 

NEW, Lansinoh® mOmma® Bottle

  • Round shape is easy and comfortable for baby to hold
  • Wide design is easy to pour into and clean
  • Interchangeable with mOmma Non-Spill and Straw cup lids
  • Features protective cover for leak-free, hygienic coverage on the go
  • BPA Free

As a breastfeeding mother, I always wait at least a month to introduce bottles or pacifiers to our children. When Macyn hit the one month mark, I was not ready for her to try anything else because our bond is so strong.

From the beginning, Macyn has been an amazing breastfeeding child. Since I had a natural birth, she was wide awake and ready to eat as soon as she was born! Truthfully, I did not feel this bond with our first two children, so the thought of Macyn getting my milk from a bottle saddened me.

I was recently sick with the flu and a head cold which resulted in sore stomach muscles from blowing my nose so much. I got scared thinking my appendix was showing issues and that made me realize if something happened to me (medically) we have no idea how Macyn would do with a bottle.

Once I got to feeling better, I decided to take the plunge, pump some milk, and start trying to bottle feed. I pumped just 1 ounce of milk in hopes she'd drink it without any issues.

The first time my husband tried to feed her, it didn't go well.
I had pumped the day before so the milk was cold and she didn't know what to think of it all. I had to end up throwing that milk out because I warmed it up and then it didn't get used. Throwing out an ounce of my milk was hard to do but I had no choice.

This weekend I decided to only pump 1/2 ounce of milk because I wanted to possibly throw out as little as possible.  Since she didn't react too well the first time, I prepared myself for another failed attempt.

I did things a lot different this time!! One of my friends posted a link on Facebook about how breast milk is different through out the day, so having that in mind I pumped at the same time Macyn ate so she could have fresh milk from the same time of day. The post was written by Everything Birth Blog and can be found HERE

I got my 1/2 ounce of milk, let Macyn get her feeding on the other side, burped her, and handed her to my husband. This time the milk was fresh and warm so my confidence was high that it would work! After a few fussy cries and trying to spit out the nipple to the bottle, she suddenly latched on just as well as she would my own breast.

My husband isn't a fan of the shape of the bottle. Since there was only 1/2 ounce in there, she very quickly drank it and at the end the lid was touching her nose so the milk could go down in to the nipple to get to her. I do think the bottle is cute with the round shape, and it's quite small which is nice too if you have them in diaper bags. I also like that the bottle can still be used when baby goes to the next stage of no spill sippy cups and even straw cups.

NEW, NaturalWave™ Peristaltic Nipple

  • Patented, based on over 50 years of research
  • Allows baby to mimic natural sucking rhythm
  • Promotes oral, facial, and jaw development
  • AVS™ Air Ventilation System reduces intake of gas, a potential cause of colic or spit up
  • One piece, hassle-free design
  • 100% silicone is supersoft, flexible and long lasting
  • Available in slow, medium or fast flow to meet your baby's changing needs
  • BPA Free

The nipple for this bottle intrigued me. It's shape is similar to what a nipple and breast would be, which makes it simple for breastfeeding babies. Once the milk started to drip out and Macyn tasted it, she latched on and I could tell that it was similar for her. I watch her when she eats and her mouth and jaw were shaped the same way, and my favorite part about this nipple is the shape. Breastfed babies have to roll their tongues around the nipple and she did that with this bottle nipple as well. I don't like the thought of most bottles because the milk just falls out and babies get lazy, but I'm confident in Lansinoh and their new mOmma bottle and am excited about her sisters getting to feed her when the time is right. 

Even though Macyn will be breastfed 99.9% of the time, I think it's a great idea to have multiple bottles that I can put pumped milk in to if I need to go somewhere and she stays at home. 

These bottles can be purchased at many retailers including Wal-Mart and Target for $9.99. 

Come back May 22 for your chance to win this bottle!