Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shake, Rattle, & Roll *Sponsor Spotlight* The Corner Stork, Baby Package

When we say Preferred by Moms, we're not kidding! You'll be happy to know that ultra-choosy moms handpick our affordably priced, utterly adorable baby gifts. In fact, that's how Corner Stork was born. A bunch of Atlanta mommies seemed to get an invitation to a baby shower or birthday party every week. With their busy family schedules, they found it more convenient to skip the mall and shop online. But as great as it was to shop for gifts online at home, they often found themselves frustrated. The selection on the baby gift sites they visited was, well, underwhelming. Where was all the special stuff? Where were the adorable and unique gifts you see in baby boutiques. They finally realized that, if they wanted the warmth and boutique-style selection of a corner store, plus the handiness of an online store, they simply needed to create it themselves. 

 Our first was born 4 1/2 years ago, and in that time I am amazed at how many baby items you can find. With Madison and McKenzie we used receiving blankets and warm pajamas when they were babies and too young for blankets, but now with Macyn I'm finding so many neat products! 

This is where The Corner Stork comes in with their line of Snuggle Sacks. 

With February and March being cold weather, I was excited to try a Snuggle Sack because I was concerned Macyn might be too cold at night with just a thin swaddler, but she needed to be swaddled to feel safe because she has a sensory issue. When the Lady Bug Snuggle Sack arrived, I was intimidated by its size because it looked HUGE. I did not think it would fit Macyn well, but with the sizing set at 0-6 months, I quickly wanted to put it on her and see how she would do. 

I was quite surprised when I put it on because it fit great and yet there was plenty of room to grow! The outer material is so very soft to the touch with a great color combination, while the inside is warm and soft. There is one snap at each shoulder to slip baby in and out, but also has a great zipper feature at the end of the sack for diaper changes. 

 I love using this sack and am glad that Macyn still have several months of use left because it'll be great for night time with the air running since she might still get cold at night. 

 The Corner Stork offers four sleep sacks that all come with a hat and retail for $36.50. 
 Embroidery Monograms are also offered for an additional fee of $8 (Not recommended) 

 Come back by starting May 22 for your chance to win your choice of Snuggle Sack!