Monday, May 21, 2012

Shake, Rattle, & Roll *Sponsor Spotlight* Sparklehearts, Toddler Package

Our mission at Sparklehearts is to help encourage girls to make healthy choices when it comes to what they put on their bodies. 60% of EVERYTHING you put on your skin is absorbed into your body- Yikes! This is why Sparklehearts has created a fabulous line of bath and beauty products that are actually fun and yes all natural and made with organic ingredients.

As my girls get older, I find myself wanting to find more organic/natural products to use on them because they're so delicate and natural is ultimately the best thing. I was happy to find Sparklehearts for this very reason! Their items are 100% natural and is never tested on animals! I asked to review the shampoo, conditioner, and detangler because I've been on a long hunt for a great product to wash the girls' hair with that is safe and something I actually like.

Pansy extract protects your lovely locks from sun damage. 
Natural coconut and sugar form fabulous foam for a super shiny clean. 
Rosemary rejuvenates dull hair, bringing back the bounce. 
This shampoo smells a little weird but I do like it's lather quite well. You don't need very much in order to get a good suds going and wash the hair properly. I don't like when I have to use shampoo two or three times because it's just not doing its job! I also can't help but love the packaging too! It's bright and cute with bold and fun letters on the front to clearly see it's your shampoo

Vitamin b-5 moisturizes your mane and builds bounce. 
Shea butter and jojoba restore the gorgeous glow of your tresses and add serious shine. 
Wheat protein performs intense hair repair for a healthy look.
I've never used conditioner on my girls before this review. I know shampoo is supposed to help strip out the dirt and stuff, and you use conditioner to make sure you're putting the good stuff back in. Most hair products for kids are a two in one so I never really thought about conditioner. Madison is 4 1/2 yrs old now so I thought it would be a good time to introduce the routine of conditioner and see if it helped her hair. 

This conditioner smells a lot better than the shampoo!
I think this conditioner does help a lot. Her hair is crazy with wavy curls and has a mind of its own! With using conditioner, her hair is now softer and lays better. She doesn't like having to rinse her hair for the second time to get conditioner out but I'll take the whining to make her hair pretty.  

Amazing antioxidants, green tea and sage extracts prevent damage and repair hair. 
Nettle extract obliterates oily build-up and gives dandruff the brush-off. 
Willow bark removes shine-stealing residue.
I've tried a few different detanglers to try to help with the tangly hair of a child. 

This is so much different!!!

It smells amazing and really works! A couple sprays over the hair and then the brushing is so much easier! I used this every time before we got our Knot Genie brush because I could see such a difference when I used it. I even use it on my own hair sometimes! I think tangly hair is a family trait because my hair is a huge mess half the time and so is Madison's hair. Great product for a great price!

The Shampoo, Conditioner, and Detangler retail for $9.99 each. 

They also sell other nice girly products like bubble bath, lotion, and deodorant on their website!

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