Monday, May 21, 2012

Shake, Rattle, & Roll *Sponsor Spotlight* Knot Genie, Toddler Package

The Knot Genie was created to not only to make brushing of even the most unruly hair effortless, but to create peace in households around the world at bath time. It's unique bristles act like little "fingers" gently untangling knots and tangles.

Brushing a toddler's hair can be torture! Our middle daughter cries when she even sees you grab a brush because she HATES her hair being brushed. She's a tom boy and doesn't care about getting messy and this affects her hair because it has length to it and she doesn't care if it's in her face. 

I contacted Knot Genie after getting fed up of McKenzie crying all the time because I couldn't figure out a better option for her and her poor hair. After Knot Genie agreed to a review, I couldn't wait to try the brush as soon as it arrived on our door step!

I'll admit, I was very skeptical of this brush. How could there be a brush that makes getting tangles out so easy, and if it works, why am I not seeing them everywhere?!

Knot Genie proved me wrong!

The first couple times I brushed McKenzie's hair she still cried, but quickly realized it didn't hurt like a normal brush and got used to it. I will say she still gets cranky when I tell her I'm brushing her hair, but she's ok as long as she sees a Knot Genie in my hand!

I have tried to use this brush on my own hair multiple times because I have pretty bad tangles, but I don't feel like it works as well as on my girls' hair. When I'm done with the brush, there is a TON of hair in it but I never really feel that it's coming out. 

Overall I highly recommend this brush!
You can purchase The Knot Genie in 5 different colors
They also retail for $19.99 on their website
They recently released the Teeny Genie, designed for children's hands and to get a better grip.
I  would love to see if my girls could use this size better.

Come back on May 22 to enter to win a PURPLE Knot Genie