Monday, May 21, 2012

Shake, Rattle, & Roll *Sponsor Spotlight* Elegant Baby, Toddler Package

Elegant Baby® was born in Burlington, North Carolina in 1984, the brainchild of Fred V.Hooper. Its parent company, Baby Needs, Inc., created by Hooper in 1967 as a full service distributor of baby/nursery items for mass merchants, sold products labeled as "Grow Time." When the baby market started to contract in the mid-80's, Hooper realized it was time to focus on the higher end of his industry, and launched Elegant Baby® . His new venture grew to become the premier source for stylish baby gifts and accessories, supplying childrens shops, gift boutiques and department stores throughout the United States. It was taken over by his son in 2002 and revamped to make sure they are the best they can be in the baby market!

I have wanted to get piggy banks for the girls for several years. While I was surfing the web one day, I came across Elegant Baby, and then stumbled upon their piggy bank section. I immediately fell in love with all their selections and made contact to work with them on this review.

Retail Value: $32

Madison is nicknamed Princess and has been since she was a tiny little baby, so of course I had to get her the yellow piggy bank with a pink little tiara on its head. Madison loves money so she was in need of a good size bank to hold her ever growing stash of coins! 

Retail Value: $21

McKenzie's piggy bank is smaller than Madison's, but just screams her personality. Her room is decorated in the Love N Nature theme from Target, that has owls and other little cute creatures, which is another reason why this piggy bank works so well! McKenzie has such a sweet and bubbly personality and when I look at the little owl on this bank with a big bow on her head, I can't help but smile and think of my sweetheart McKenzie. 

I want to point out, these banks are GLASS. 
I in fact dropped and broke McKenzie's bank and am in the process of ordering another one. 
She saw it break and was devastated!
My suggestion to any parent is to put these banks somewhere that can remain safe!  

Elegant Baby offers piggy banks like I've never seen before!
They offer 22 piggy banks that range in size and $ amount. 
Their SMALL piggy banks are $21 and go up to $52 for HUGE
They also offer other shapes like a princess crown, train, robot, soccer ball, and football

Come back on May 22 to enter for winner's choice piggy bank!