Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gymini® Tiny Princess™ Move & Play Play Mat from Tiny Love

Tiny Love strives to consistently improve its position in the market by being the first developmental toy provider to identify the latest discoveries in child development and translate them into engaging, interactive toys that nurture skills and delight the senses.

With Macyn needing much more tummy time, I knew that a play mat from Tiny Love would be perfect. If you're a follower of my blog then you know I've worked with them several times. They're a great company with great products and I knew their mats would be perfect Macyn's needs. 

This play mat is AMAZING! 

I've never seen a play mat that can do so much and offer so much stimulation. 

This is the first mat that has a sliding arch so you can have the toys above the baby or in front of the baby. 

This option is great for tummy time and building up the neck muscles. Everything is right in front of baby, easy to grab, and for Macyn it helped her stay content longer. 
I decided to turn her around on occasion so she could play with the pretty little butterfly wings, but still kick the arch behind her and hear the noises being made by her feet. 

This was Macyn's favorite when we first started using the mat. This butterfly wing crinkles and she would squeeze it, grab it, and eat it. She started to get really good at enjoying tummy time because she had so much fun with this little pretend wing. 
How cute does she look?!

This mat is very plush and comfortable which is GREAT since she's on the floor so much.
The sliding rings make it great for adding new toys and moving them around the arches to help keep baby entertained. When Macyn first learned to roll over, I'd keep them lower so she could see them, but now they're all over the place and we even added the crab that came with the bouncer. 
Being on the floor so much helped with rolling over!

As Macyn is aging, I'm finding her asleep on this mat now as well. She's fallen asleep a handful of times and sleeps peacefully until woken up by a barking dog or older sister (hehe)

The corners snap up making a little wall, but we don't really use it much. She's able to roll around and they come unsnapped very easily. When she's done playing, I'll snap them up so when I move the mat around, the toys stay in the bottom. 

Overall thoughts: another win for Tiny Love!

The arches of the mat easily unsnap so I can still use it once macyn is sitting up. 
Retail value is $72-$75 depending on store
All the features make it a must have for any baby!!

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Anastasia said...

I love this, and your daughter is a cutie! I really like the jungle one, since I have a boy and all :)