Monday, July 16, 2012

I met Heather from Mommy's Favorite Things!

I found Heather's blog "Mommy's Favorite Things" in late 2010 after I first started entering giveaways to start a cloth diaper stash. 

After a little while I started expanding my interests in giveaways, became friends with Heather on Facebook (as an entry method) and started following her life. 

This year she switched to a fan page, but kept me on her friend's list and I think we get along pretty well. 

Heather is a stay at home mother of two children, Avery and Emerson, and lives in Michigan. 

Heather's husband needed to come to Indianapolis for work, so we decided we'd meet up, have a girl's day, and get pedicures from Regency Beauty School

It was great to not only get a little girl time, but also the chance to meet another blogger!

We talked about blogging, cloth diapers, and our kids. 
I hope to meet again one day, and maybe our kids can be involved next time. 

Thanks again Heather!


Heather M said...

It was so fun meeting you, Michelle!!!! I too hope to do it again!