Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nursing Bra Express Review & Giveaway 7/29

We are an online retailer providing all nursing moms with the best possible nursing bra selection ever! Practical, plain, colorful, playful, fun, sexy and with cup sizes all the way up to size M, every nursing mom will be able to find the perfect bra to fit her figure, lifestyle and budget! 

However, her complete shopping experience won’t stop with the ever essential nursing bra – Nursing Bra Express caters to all of her needs by carrying the best selection of nursing wear, baby slings, nipple creams, nursing pads, nursing covers and everything else in between!

Since Macyn and I are still breastfeeding so well, having a variety of nursing bras is key! After looking through the Nursing Bra Express website, I fell in love with this leopard print and knew I needed it in my collection!

This Original Nursing Bra Plus is made of a cotton/spandex blend which is great for our ever changing cup size! This is a great bra to have even while pregnant because our breasts naturally get ready and these are made to grow or shrink while you transition to breastfeeding and your milk is stabilizing. 

This bra mimics a sports bra and has the big band in back to help with support.
I also like how easily I can snap and unsnap to feed our daughter. Since the bra is all cotton, I can quickly fold down the cup and feed her with out it being in the way. That is a huge pet peeve of mine when the cup doesn't fold down correctly, so this bra is probably my favorite out of my current bras when it comes to this. 

I have found that it kind of pushes my breasts down vs pulling them in, so I find myself pulling the straps up just to adjust and make them not look so...... saggy. 

I have also found that (for me) I can't really sleep well in this bra, only because I move around too much in the cup in the night and I have woken up on several occasions with leaks because the breast pads are no longer covering.  

I do like the nice wide band at the bottom of the bra because it stays in place and really gives a good tight fit without being too tight. 

This bra is machine washable with a hang dry. 
Nursing Bra Express carries this bra in 3 sizes. 
B-C cup, C-E cup, and E-G cup. 
There's then S,M,L,XL depending on your band size. 
There's also an inner strap attached to make sure the shoulder strap stays in place while the cup is detached.
Retail Value: $35

Overall, I enjoy the bra. I don't think any bra is perfect and each will have some flaw with it and I'm satisfied with it. It does it job, looks cute with the fun leopard print, and is comfortable overall. 

Nursing Bra Express also sells nursing tanks, washable breast pads, slings, nursing covers, nipple creams, and more! 


Cathy Anderson said...

This is comfortable for daily wear and around the house but still supports well and looks good. I love Playtex 18 hour bras. invisible under clothes. straps don't slip.