Sunday, August 26, 2012

Petmate Review & Giveaway 9/9

Petmate, with its family of brands, is the trusted authority in smart pet care solutions. As the first to provide a safe and comfortable alternative to wooden travel crates, Petmate has gone on to introduce smart solutions for every stage in a pet’s life. At Petmate, we believe in what we do, because we have pets too! Check out all of the other great brands and products in the Petmate family: Bamboo, Fat Cat, Booda, Petmate and Aspen Pet.

I have two reviews to discuss today! :)

When I first wrote Petmate, we had one dog. Our 7yr old mixed breed is never in a cage so I decided she needed a nice comfy bed to relax in vs always being on our couch. 

As soon as our package arrived with this bed inside, I was anxious to see how our dog would react. To my surprise she was a little scared at first and I had to force her in it and sit beside her until she was more comfortable. Eventually we had to move her cage and put this bed in the same spot so she knew that it was for her to lay in and to go to that spot instead of all over my couch!

Once she got used to the bed, you could find her in it all the time! She is very over weight for her mixed breeds, but she has a good amount of room and can sleep for hours in this bed! 

So can our kitten! I never expected that our little kitten would love this bed even more than our dog. I found him fighting her to get out so he could get in, and eventually they just started to share the bed because one of them was always in it. 

One reason why I liked this bed so much is because you can machine wash the cover! The sheepskin lining quickly comes off of the foam that it covers and you wash like normal in the washing machine and then start all over with a fresh clean bed! We've had this bed for about 6 weeks and the bed has held its shape wonderfully and our 4 month old German Shepherd puppy can currently fit in it as well but not for too much longer. We'll have to get her a pretty big one once she's done growing. 

I do like the look of the lounging bed on their website better, (picture above) but Petmate's website is just to show you what they offer and these lounge beds come in a variety of sizes and colors. 

We found a kitten for our girls just a few days after Christmas last year and we thought he would be a great addition to our family. To our surprise he was a complete terror!! Always running around the house, attacking our girls and other cat, getting in to anything he could find, and tearing up our leather furniture. We weren't sure what to do and thought it was just the kitten in him and that he'd grow out of it. After several months, I found Petmate and their great looking balance ball toy and really wanted to see if it could help refocus his energy. 

This balance ball is amazing! As a curious kitten, he was right there when I opened the box so I quickly got it out and sat it down beside him. He started sniffing and then starting playing with it. As you can see in the pictures above, the little stick of plastic that the feathers are in is quite thin and after about two weeks he actually broke it. He would attack it a lot by biting it and it eventually broke in half from the stress. He also was easily able to pull the feathers out as seen in the second photo. 

This balance ball has a nice heavy weight in it to keep it popping back up every time your cat knocks it down. With the added feathers and jingling bells, its a great eye catcher for any cat, young or old, and will keep them coming back time and time again. It comes in green and purple as well as the yellow and pink that we received. 


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