Monday, August 6, 2012

Pourty Review & Giveaway 8/19

Pourty was created by a couple who got tired of the messes created by emptying potties. After their first two children potty trained, they figured there had to be a better way so they invented the Pourty!

In potty training Madison, my mom got us one of those potties that you have to lift up on to take out the catcher and then dump and put it back. It was bulky, heavy, and messy but we stuck with it because it was free and I knew it was only temporary until she got the hang of a big toilet. 

When McKenzie showed interest in potty training I got excited but also annoyed with the fact that I had to get out the ugly green and yellow toilet again. 

McKenzie has short legs so the big potty I fear is still along way off for her.

Once she was fully potty trained, then came the morning rushes to the potty in our room so I could help her up. She can sit backwards but what fun is that for a child?! (Madison did do this though for several months and I'm glad she turns around now!)

After seeing the Pourty on another blog and then another and another, I decided to write and see if they'd like to work together! I'm very glad they said yes because its come in so handy!

(Pourty's stock photo)

I chose the purple Pourty since it's McKenzie's favorite color, and when it arrived I pumped her up for a great new way to go potty! She immidiately wanted to try it and honestly, so did I. I wanted to see if it really poured with no splashes like advertised!

I am happy to say that it indeed easily came out the pour spout and we quickly went on our way of reviewing. I'll be honest and say I'm not a fan of dumping poo but it too easily dumps out. Madison and McKenzie have even dumped the potty themselves with out any issues and felt accomplished when doing so. Madison felt like she was being a great big sister and then once McKenzie realized how to dump it, she just thought it was neat to be a big girl and clean up after herself. 

We've had this potty for a month now and had no issues!

My favorite thing about this potty is that it's all one piece. Nothing to take apart and clean and always worry about putting back together. 

The back comes up for support on a child's back

High splash guard in front to help contain potential messes

Made of sturdy plastic which means it easily holds its shape, but also helps so the seat won't stick to your child's rear when they stand back up. This also means that its extremely light weight. 

Handle in the front means you never have to touch close to the contents inside. 

Retail Value: $14.95
Sold online at places like,, and more!

Check out their website for more information about how its made, and any other questions you may have to push you over to decide to purchase one!

I'm excited to have this for Macyn when she potty trains in a few years!


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