Friday, August 3, 2012

Practically Perfect Princess Review & Giveaway 8/17

In 2011 sisters Jennifer and Nicki were sitting by the pool while their kids swam, Jennifer shared with Nicki that she had begun writing a children's book. Jennifer told her sister that she knew she would never get published, but was doing it for fun. Nicki being older and wiser suggested that perhaps there was a future for such a book and that it would be fun if they did it together.

Rebekah Grace is a 3yr old princess who lives with her King Daddy, Queen Mommy, and two siblings. 

This is a great book for little girls because it talks about manners, helping out, and listening to your parents. 

Madison loves this book so much. We've read it almost every day since we first got it in the mail a month ago. She's to the point now where she can "read" the book herself because she has it memorized. 
It's not a really long book which is also nice because kids don't have a long attention span, but just long enough to get the point of the book across and keep your child entertained. 

I also really like the illustrations. Rebekah Grace is quite the cutie pie, and  she pops out of each page as the main feature so she's easy to spot. 
Madison is already asking me when their next book will come out because the last page. 
Madison went to preschool last year and is doing an advanced kind of pre-k this year so she loves anything about schools so the thought of a book about Rebekah Grace going to school makes her giggle

You can also get this cute shirt to go with the book! This shirt just makes the book that much better! When Madison opened the package and this shirt fell out, she was thrilled! She immediately wanted to try it on and prance around in it.

The only thing is that Madison tugs on this little piece of toole that is sewn on to the shirt. I love this little effect because it adds that extra flair to the shirt and it washes great as well. 

Overall, I highly recommend this book and shirt for the little princess in your life! 

The book retails for $14.95 and comes in hardback
Available at or Barnes & Noble
$2.99 will buy a digital copy for Kindle or Nook

The shirt retails for $13.95
Sizes range from 4/5 to 9/10


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Thanks for the chance :) - Bre

QueenMomJen said...

So happy your princess enjoyed the book.

A.D. Duling said...

My little princess and this queen mommy enjoyed the book very much...hope to win the matching t-shirt...thank you!

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KyhasMom1 said...

thank you for the review and chance to win an interesting book. think that grands would love it too! :)