Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WW: We got a puppy

Picture online
First night home

Love the one ear up, one down look

Hayley is a German Shepherd 
Born May 3, 2012
Currently weighs 24lbs

Eats too much stuff and wants to bite constantly on everyone. 

She ate the top to a lunchable yesterday so now I get the joy of watching to see if it passes.... =/


Unknown said...

Awwww!!! #Jealous.. she is adorable! I love the name, too! We're thinking {KEYWORD: thinking} about getting a puppy, but likely want to wait at least 1-year or thereabouts until after the storm of Baby #2 comes rushing into our home :)



Mariah @ said...

My husband would love to have a German but I have put my foot down on that one!

Miranda Sherman said...

Oh what a cute puppy!

MamaMunky said...

Awwww. What a cute puppy!

AmberFaith said...

AWE, such an adorable puppy! I want a German Shepherd!

happy-little-feet said...

Beautiful Puppy