Monday, September 10, 2012

Belly Charms, after the baby! Review & Giveaway 9/24

Following information is from Belly Charms Facebook "INFO" Section

Belly Charms LLC is known for maternity / pregnancy belly button rings, personalized Swarovski mother's bracelets, maternity pendants and custom jewelry.

Belly Charms started on Etsy in Dec. 2007 with 10 maternity belly button rings. I now have over 600 items available in a variety of categories on my websites: maternity belly button rings, holiday belly button rings, mother's bracelets, safety ID wristbands and sport ID products by Vital ID, maternity jewelry, peace and love collection, toe rings...the list grows as I keep adding more things.

I am a WAHM of 2 boys. Belly Charms is operated out of my home office. All of the maternity belly button rings and custom jewelry is made when ordered, personally by me. All orders are shipped ASAP and all orders over $20 ship for free in the US.

After my pregnancy with Macyn I chose to continue with Belly Charms and transition to Sonya's normal belly rings. I purchased a couple and wore them for a while, but had a few issues with over tightening or stripping the ball. 

One day I saw this gorgeous heart belly ring and knew I had to have it! I mentioned to Sonya how much I loved it and she offered up this review and giveaway!

My apologies on the poor quality photos, but I couldn't get a good shot of the back of this pendant. As you can hopefully see my the photo, my belly ring looks just like the photo on her website. It has the quilted look to it with a total of 17 colored crystals. The back of the heart is hollowed out, with it being flush to your body. The bar is stainless steel and the ball is acrylic and 5mm.

As soon as this belly ring arrived, I couldn't wait to put it in! Unfortunately after talking to Sonya, I now might have a sensitivity because my body is used to her PTFE bars. The next day I noticed that my piercing was irritated and as the day went on, it only got worse. I also noticed that the top of the heart was poking in to me, which makes me think the way my piercing is, makes this not too ideal for me. I'm very sad because it's so pretty and I'm going to try again as time goes on in hopes that one day I'll wear it with no issues. 

To my surprise, a second belly ring was in my package! I really like this one as well because its simple with just a little "bling". I also really like the black bar. 

After a couple days of healing from the heart ring, I popped this one in and hoped for the best! I can say that I haven't had any issues so far and its done its job well! This belly ring is made of black titanium with the top ball at 5mm and the bottom at 8mm. 

Black Heart Ring is on sale for $9.99
Black Titanium Double Gem Ring is on sale for $5.99

I've worked with Sonya multiple times now and I've been happy every time! I've worn nothing but Belly Charms jewelry since the first trimester of my last pregnancy, and I don't see myself going anywhere as a customer. I have several pieces from her, both reviews and bought items, and even currently have a friend sporting one of the blue frosted glass heart maternity rings!

Feel free to check out my maternity rings review to read more about how much they helped me, as well as how they looked through out my whole pregnancy, and I've also worked with Sonya on a review of her Tierracast Mother's Bracelets.


Amanda said...

Keeping my fingers crossed! I am wearing one of her belly rings right now! :-) I also have a couple of maternity ones that I'm keeping my fingers crossed I will get to use again soon!